Stephen Laffey on Government Reform

Republican Senate Challenger

Supported Sam Alito nomination to Supreme Court

Q: Your views on Samuel Alito?s Supreme Court nomination?

LAFFEY: Alito served for 15 years at the federal bench and did a great job. After looking at his record and watching him testify, I certainly would have approved him. The difference between Chafee and I on this issue is: 1) he has a litmus test for Supreme Court justices. I look at their character. I'll look at their independence. I'll look at their law school.. And 2) Chafee made himself completely irrelevant in the process. He was the 99th senator to make up his mind.

CHAFEE: I carefully followed the judiciary committee hearings to see how Alito answered some of these questions important to me and to the country, and then conferred with many experts of the interpretation of those answers in that committee. I think I've been vindicated. In the last vote on executive powers, Alito was in the expansion of those powers and on the commerce clause as it relates to the Clean Water Act and a Michigan case heard by the Supreme Court.

Source: 2006 R.I. Republican Senate Primary debate on WPRI Aug 24, 2006

Endorses the Pork-Barrel Reduction Act

Laffey enthusiastically endorsed the Pork-Barrel Reduction Act, a bipartisan bill introduced in the US Senate to drastically reduce the level of pork barrel legislation. The bill's key feature allows Senators to object to specific earmarks stuffed into an appropriations bill or conference report without the need to vote against the entire bill. Unless there are 60 votes in favor of the earmark, the objection will stand. Mayor Laffey lauded the above initiative and encouraged the bill's speedy passage.
Source: Press release, "Endorses Pork-Barrel Reduction Act" Feb 14, 2006

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