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Don't blame car sound systems for illegal music copying

Judge Jackson [issued] several opinions in Alliance of Artists & Recording Cos. v. General Motors. This case involved the Audio Home Recording Act, a federal law requiring manufacturers and distributors of "digital audio recording devices" to implement certain technologies and pay per-device royalties. At issue in the case was whether in-vehicle systems produced "digital audio copied recordings."

The defendant car manufacturers argued that their in-vehicle systems were not covered because they did not generate output. Judge Jackson agreed with the defendants, noting that courts [could] order the destruction of any noncompliant digital audio recording device. In her view, it made "little sense that Congress would only authorize a court to seize or destroy the [device], while leaving the illegal copies unscathed."

After further proceedings in the case, Judge Jackson granted summary judgment in favor of the auto manufacturers. On appeal, the D.C. Circuit affirmed the grant of summary judgment.

Source: Cong. Research Service on 2022 SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings , Mar 14, 2022

Wheelchair anti-discrimination laws do apply to Uber

In a discrimination case against a private defendant, Judge Jackson considered claims that Uber discriminated against wheelchair users in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the D.C. Human Rights Act. Judge Jackson rejected Uber's arguments that the relevant antidiscrimination statutes did not apply to the company, holding that the plaintiff made sufficiently plausible claims of discrimination to survive a motion to dismiss.
Source: Cong. Research Service on 2022 SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings , Mar 14, 2022

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