Amy Coney Barrett on Gun Control



No blanket authorization to take guns from felons

Barnett said a lecture held by Hillsdale College about her dissent in the 2nd amendment rights case Cantor v Barr, "There was no blanket authorization to take guns, the right to possess a gun from someone who committed a felony. That sounds kind of radical, to say felons can have firearms, but I think it's because what the longstanding prohibitions were and had been even under federal law until more recently, was that violent felons couldn't have firearms. There's been a longstanding practice-- what the history showed me--is of those who pose a threat to the community cannot have firearms. And that makes sense, history is consistent with common sense. Those who would be risky with guns, who would pose danger with guns, then the state can take guns away. But in the instance of someone in which the state has not shown that the person has demonstrated any risk, the mere status of committing a felony, I found no historical support that said the state was then justified in taking it away.
Source: Analysis of positions in 2020 Trump Research Book , Sep 22, 2020

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