Amy Coney Barrett on Crime



George Floyd video shows that racism persists

Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett have not ruled on affirmative action cases as appellate judges. Barrett has two adopted Black children and during her confirmation hearings, she was asked where, "as an originalist," she thought the country was today on race. She answered: "I think it is an entirely uncontroversial and obvious statement given, as we just talked about, the George Floyd video, that racism persists in our country. As to putting my finger on the nature of the problem, you know, whether it's just outright or systemic racism, or how to tackle the issue of making it better, those things, you know, are policy questions."
Source: National Law Journal on 2022 SCOTUS Affirmative Action , Jan 24, 2022

Miranda doctrine overenforces a constitutional norm

Amy Coney Barrett wrote, "The gap may be the result of the court's choice to overenforce a constitutional norm by developing prophylactic doctrines that go beyond constitutional meaning. The Miranda doctrine, which inevitably excludes from evidence even some confessions freely given, is an example." [90 Boston University Law Review 109 -Substantive Canon and Faithful Agency, 1/2010]
Source: Analysis of positions in 2020 Trump Research Book , Sep 22, 2020

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