Rocky Anderson on Civil Rights

Justice Party challenger for President; former mayor of Salt Lake City


Lilly Ledbetter was a great beginning; now enforce it

Q: What about pay equity for women?

OBAMA: The first bill I signed was something called the Lilly Ledbetter bill.

ANDERSON: Inequity in the workplace is just part of a larger picture of inequity systemically in this country that impacts women in so many ways. Lilly Ledbetter was a great beginning, but you don't just leave everybody to their own devices, say, "OK, you've got the tools now to go out and sue if you're not being paid equally for equal work." We need good enforcement by those in government charged with enforcement. And with these two corporate candidates, we'll never be able to trust in that, any more than we've seen good enforcement against those who committed massive fraud on Wall Street. The Obama administration hasn't prosecuted one person on Wall Street for that financial fraud.

Source: Democracy Now! Expanded Second Obama-Romney 2012 debate , Oct 16, 2012

Require companies to hire more women & minorities

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Require companies to hire more women & minorities"?

A: Support

Source: Email interview on presidential race with OnTheIssues.org , Feb 10, 2012

Same-sex domestic partnership benefits

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Same-sex domestic partnership benefits"?

A: Strongly Support

Source: Email interview on presidential race with OnTheIssues.org , Feb 10, 2012

Extend city health benefits to unmarried same-sex partners

Salt Lake City employees with domestic partners can start to sign up for the city's health benefits programs--even though it's unclear if the city legally can offer health insurance to those gay and heterosexual partners.

They must enroll their domestic partners and their children by Nov. 30. Mayor Rocky Anderson signed an executive order in September which provides domestic-partner benefits to city-government employees including those who are part of same-sex relationships.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune, pp. C-3, "Same-sex benefits" , Nov 2, 2005

Equal rights for gays and lesbians

Recognition of the equal rights of gays and lesbians, and decent treatment of everyone regardless of their sexual orientation, is indeed one of the crucial civil rights issues of our time. Although personal prejudices are difficult to overcome, we can--and should--achieve an approach in our public dealings that promotes fundamental morality--love, respect and compassion for all of our brothers and sisters. And, in our public and personal lives, we can endeavor to comply with what is perhaps the greatest of all moral injunctions: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Or, as Rabbi Hillel (first century BCE) implored: 'What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow creature. That is the whole Law; the rest is commentary.'
Source: Anderson interview: The Enterprise, Utah's Business Journal , Dec 1, 1997

Same-sex couples should be allowed to marry legally

Q: When you think about the rights of same-sex couples, which of the following is closest to your personal opinion?Anderson adds, "I unequivocally support marriage equality, since my congressional race in 1996. My support for marriage equality was the core of my opponent's campaign against me. I was named by the Human Rights campaign as one of the top straight GLBT advocates in the country."
Source: AmericansElect Questionnaire with OnTheIssues.org , Feb 23, 2012

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