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Life begins at conception

According to God's word, life begins at conception rather that at the time of delivery or at some arbitrary point during gestation. Psalm 139:13-16 indicates that God knew the writer of these verses while he was yet unformed. In Jeremiah 1:4-5, there is an indication that God knew Jeremiah before he was born and had a special purpose for his life. This is one of several biblical passages that indicate a continuum of life that starts before birth and continues after death. In Exodus 21:22-24, it is made quite clear that God considers the life of the unborn to be just as valuable as the life of an adult.
Source: One Nation, by Dr. Ben Carson, p.193 , May 20, 2014

Biblical "personhood" defines life starting at birth

Bill Clinton was struggling over the definition of human life. He asked his pastor, Vaught, whether he could provide some insight.

Vaught was one of the leading abortion opponents among Little Rock clergy, but he said he shared some of Clinton's ambivalence, having personally witnessed "some extremely difficult" pregnancies. He was not convinced that the Bible forbade abortion in all circumstances.

The minister went to his Bible to reconsider, after which Vaught determined that in the origina Hebrew, "personhood" stemmed from words translated as "to breathe life into." Thus, he averred, the Bible would define a person's life as beginning at birth, with the first intake of breath. He reportedly told the governor that this did not mean that abortion was right, but he felt one could not say definitively, based on Scripture, that it was murder.

In all of his discussions about abortion thereafter, Clinton relied on his minister's interpretation to bolster his pro-choice position.

Source: God and Hillary Clinton, by Paul Kengor, p. 68-69 , Jul 18, 2007

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