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Thessalonians: Anyone not willing to work, let him not eat

Earlier today, a constituent of Kevin Cramer posted a comment on Cramer's Facebook wall. The constituent apparently wanted to make sure that--after Cramer's vote to [cut the food stamp program]--Cramer was aware of some of the Biblical passages supporting the idea of helping the "least of these." Cramer's response is, essentially, to let those people starve. Citing a different Biblical passage, Cramer wrote:

"2 Thessalonians 3:10 English Standard Version (ESV) 10 For even when we were with

Source: , Sep 21, 2013

Any budget should help "the least of these"

In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Paul Ryan, the author of the House GOP budget endorsed by Mitt Romney, said his program was crafted "using my Catholic faith" as inspiration. But the US Conference of Catholic Bishops was not about to bless that claim.

A week after Ryan's boast, the bishops sent letters to Congress saying that the Ryan budget, passed by the House, "fails to meet" the moral criteria of the Church, namely its view that any budget should help "the least of these" as the Christian Bible requires: the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the jobless. "A just spending bill cannot rely on disproportionate cuts in essential services to poor and vulnerable persons," the bishops wrote. In fact, Ryan would cut spending on the least of these by about $5 trillion over 10 years--from Medicaid, food stamps, welfare and the like.

Ryan didn't turn the other cheek, saying, "The work I do as a Catholic holding office conforms to the social doctrine as best I can make of it.

Source: Dana Milbank in Washington Post, "Faith-based" , Apr 27, 2012

Responsibility to be kind to the poor among us

The Bible makes it clear that we have a responsibility to be kind to the poor among us. [But] America did not become a great nation by encouraging people to feel sorry for themselves and seek handouts from others

If we really want to eradicate poverty, we should allocate significant resources and personnel toward providing education and opportunity for the poor. And if we are to provide assistance to our able-bodied citizens, it should be attached to a requirement for work or acquisition of education and/or skills.

If they have to work anyway, many people will put real effort into finding the kind of job they want as opposed to collecting unemployment benefits and being assigned to work they consider undesirable. Some conservatives would say that we should leave such people on their own to sink or swim because we cannot afford to keep supporting them, while some liberals would say that these people already have enough problems and that it would be unfair to require anything of them. I reject both

Source: America the Beautiful, by Ben Carson, p.176 , Jan 24, 2012

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