Lyndon Johnson on Gun Control



Licensing and registration act for firearms

In the Safe Streets Act, Congress determined "To assist state and local governments in reducing the incidence of crime." This year I am proposing that the Congress provide the full $300 million to do just that.

I believe this is an essential contribution to justice and to public order in the United States. I hope these grants can be made to the States and they can be used effectively to reduce the crime rate in this country. But all of this is only a small part of the total effort that must be made--I think chiefly by the local governments throughout the Nation--if we expect to reduce the toll of crime that we all detest.

Frankly, as I leave the Office of the Presidency, one of my greatest disappointments is our failure to secure passage of a licensing and registration act for firearms. I think if we had passed that act, it would have reduced the incidence of crime. I believe that the Congress should adopt such a law, and I hope that it will at a not too distant date.

Source: Pres. Johnson's 1969 State of the Union message to Congress , Jan 14, 1969

Proper gun control law to end mail-order murder

There is no more urgent business before this Congress than to pass the Safe Streets Act this year that I proposed last year. I have doubled my request under this act to $100 million in fiscal 1969. And I urge the Congress to stop the trade in mail-order murder, to stop it this year by adopting a proper gun control law.
Source: Pres. Johnson's 1968 State of the Union message to Congress , Jan 17, 1968

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