Dick Cheney on Gun Control

Vice President of the United States under George W. Bush


2006: Accidentally shot friend during hunting trip

On Feb. 11, 2006, Cheney accidentally shot my lawyer during a weekend quail hunt in South Texas.

The accident happened at the ranch of my old friends, Anne and Tobin Armstrong. And the victim was Harry M. Whittington, my lawyer; his name appears on the organization papers for Rove + Co.

Cheney had asked the Armstrongs how they wanted news of the incident to be made public. Anne decided she wanted the local paper to be notified first. I told Cheney that we needed to let everyone know, but he tersely refused, wanting to respect the Armstrongs' wishes.

Cheney took full responsibility, saying, "I'm the guy who pulled the trigger and shot my friend, and that's something I'll never forget." We had a PR disaster on our hands.

The incident taught me th VP could be stubborn and unmovable; I admired him for being loyal to his friends, but in this case, following their wished was damaging to the administration. It reinforced the impression that Cheney always operated in secret and distrusted the press.

Source: Courage and Consequence, by Karl Rove, p.460-461 , Mar 9, 2010

Against banning plastic guns & cop-killer bullets

Cheney matches Bush--sounds moderate, governs right. Cheney's voting record in Congress was wiggy-right--against abortion even to save the life of the mother, against banning cop-killer bullets, against the Head Start, against a resolution to free Nelson Mandela, one of four votes against banning plastic guns that can get past airport security--this is not a moderate record. On the other hand, his demeanor is between soothing and soporific., and he is vaguely remembered as a player during Desert Storm.
Source: Shrub, by Molly Ivins, p. 191-192 , Oct 1, 2000

Now might outlaw plastic guns & cop-killer bullets

Asked whether he would change a vote he cast opposing a ban on plastic guns that foil metal detectors or “cop-killer” bullets that can pierce police armor, Cheney said, “I’d be happy to entertain that notion. I don’t want to say that I’m absolutely for ‘cop-killer’ bullets. I’m clearly not.” Cheney said Democrats who then controlled the House had limited debate on the weapon measures and barred Republicans from adding amendments. Now, he said, he might support outlawing the bullets and plastic guns.
Source: Michael Finnegan, LA Times , Jul 31, 2000

Trigger locks OK, and tougher enforcement

Cheney was one of just 21 members of Congress in 1985 to vote against a ban on armor piercing “cop killer” bullets. In 1988, he was one of only 4 members voting against a ban on plastic guns that could slip through airport security machines undetected. Those votes were cast 15 years ago, said Cheney. “If you look at [Bush’s] package, there are provisions there that make sense,” he added, voicing support for the mandatory sale of trigger locks and tougher enforcement of existing gun laws.
Source: CNN.com, “Opens campaign in Wyoming” , Jul 26, 2000

Opposed 7-day waiting period for buying guns

As Wyoming’s representative-at-large in the House of Representatives, Cheney had a strongly conservative voting record. He opposed the Equal Rights Amendment, abortion rights and a mandatory seven-day waiting period prior to handgun purchases. He supported prayer in schools and the balanced budget amendment.
Source: MSNBC on-line news on 2000 election , Jul 24, 2000

Voted against banning plastic bullets & cop-killer bullets

Cheney opposes gun control limits. He was one of just 21 members of Congress, in December of 1985, to vote against a ban on armor piercing bullets -- called cop killer bullets. Three years later he was one of only four members of the House voting against a ban on plastic guns that could slip through airport security machines undetected. The National Rifle Association did not oppose this ban. Also in 1988, Cheney voted to scrap a proposed national seven-day waiting period on handgun purchases.
Source: CNN.com coverage , Jul 24, 2000

Voted in Congress to weaken gun control laws

Source: (X-ref Health) Congressional Record, in Poltics in America , Jan 1, 1986

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