Bob Dole on Homeland Security

Former Republican Senator (KS)


1990s: Led campaign for WWII memorial

Dole is commander of a national campaign to build a World War II memorial in Washington, DC. The $100 million fund-raising drive became the primary focus of his life following his loss to Bill Clinton in the 1996 presidential election. Pres. Clinton unveiled the design for the memorial on the same day he awarded Dole the Presidential Medal of Freedom, that nation's highest civilian award.

Then, as he has in recent years, he became emotional as he talked about the meaning of WWII. Dole believes the memorial is necessary to remind the world that just men and women can prevail. He wants it to be a backdrop for WWII's unrealized ideals, a platform for America's children to speak out for freedom, decency and human democracy.

In his remarks that day, Dole was particularly eloquent. He said, "I've seen American soldiers bring hope and leave graves in every corner of the world. I've seen this nation overcome Depression and segregation and communism, turning back mortal threats to human freedom."

Source: The Greatest Generation, by Tom Brokaw, p.347-348 , Nov 30, 1998

Voted YES on considering deploying NMD, and amending ABM Treaty.

Vote to consider establishing a policy requiring the deployment of a national missile defense system by the end of 2003. The bill would also urge discussions with Russia to amend the ABM Treaty to allow deployment of the system.
Reference: Bill S 1635 ; vote number 1996-157 on Jun 4, 1996

Voted YES on 1996 Defense Appropriations.

Approval of the 1996 Defense Appropriations bill.
Status: Bill Passed Y)62; N)35; NV)3
Reference: Defense Approps Bill FY 96; Bill S. 1087 ; vote number 1995-397 on Sep 5, 1995

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