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Roy Moore: Against same sex marriage; against civil unions

A strong family, based on marriage between one man and one woman, is and should remain our only guide and model. I oppose same-sex marriage, civil unions, and all other threats to the traditional family order.
Source: 2017-2018 Alabama Senate campaign website Aug 31, 2017

Doug Jones: Streamline regulations for small business

The most productive, innovative people I know are entrepreneurs who have had the courage to turn an idea into a business that makes their community better, grows jobs and truly stands at the heart of America. The future of our state is in supporting the growth of small and mid-sized businesses that care about the place they are formed and the people they employ. For these businesses, we need to streamline regulations and reduce the impediments to their success.
Source: 2017-2018 Alabama Senate website Aug 17, 2017

Ron Crumpton: Trickle-down economics good for business but not for people

Our elected leaders should focus their efforts on what is best for the economy as a whole and not what is best for business because, very often, they are at odds with one another. Over the last 35 years, the U.S. has operated on the concept of trickle-down economics. The theory that if you give tax-breaks to corporations, those funds will trickle down through the economy in the form of more and better paying jobs. The problem is that corporations are in the business of doing what is best for the corporation, which is what businesses should do, but it is also the reason why we should not trust that they will do what is best for someone else... It's not their job.

Corporate profits are the highest they have been in 86 years, and worker pay is the lowest it has been in 66 years. We should help small business; we should not give handouts to big business. Under my plan the majority of tax breaks would go to help small business and large corporations pay their share.

Source: League of Women Voters: 2016 Alabama Senate Race Sep 19, 2016

Marcus Bowman: Hire and fire based on business needs

Q: Do you support or oppose the policy, "Legally require hiring more women/minorities"

A: Strongly oppose. Businesses should be free to hire and fire based on their business needs.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Alabama Senate race with OnTheIssues Jan 21, 2016

Ron Crumpton: Offshore profit shifting needs to end

The simple fact is that we could pay for [domestic programs] by changing the tax code concerning offshore profit shifting, which allows multi-billion dollar companies like GE, Boeing and others to avoid paying any U.S. taxes. Currently many of these companies are not only paying no taxes, they are getting refunds. This needs to end.
Source: 2016 Senate campaign website Jul 23, 2015

Richard Shelby: Don't smother small banks with unnecessary regulations

If you ask a White House spokesperson, Shelby's proposal to overhaul the nation's banking regulations is just another example of Wall Street interests getting their way. Not so fast, according to Shelby, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee: "Community and regional banks that had nothing to do with the financial crisis should not be smothered by unnecessary regulations originally designed for Wall Street," Shelby said. "These burdensome regulations from Washington are making it harder for community and regional banks to do the things that grow our economy, such as small business lending."

Shelby's Financial Regulatory Improvement Act would revise provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, a 2,000-page bill that was passed in 2010 and implemented sweeping regulations to America's banks & financial institutions.

Shelby said while the bill was touted as "Wall Street reform" many of the regulations have negatively impacted community and regional banks.

Source: Huntsville Times coverage of 2016 Alabama Senate race May 22, 2015

Ron Crumpton: Transfer $11 billion from corporate tax loopholes to schools

Richard Shelby does not serve the people.Every time the interest of the people is pitted against the interest of big business, big business gets the support of Richard Shelby. It is time for the people of Alabama to elect a progressive senator who will work for what is in their best interest and not the best interest of the political fat cats and big business executives that fund their campaigns.
Source: editorial by Ron Crumpton on 2016 Alabama Senate race Apr 16, 2015

Kay Ivey: Tax relief to job creators and small businesses

Unlike the federal government who continues to increase the burden on small businesses through programs like ObamaCare, Alabama House Republicans are focused on providing needed tax relief to job creators. Currently, when Alabama small business owners make sales tax payments, they are required to front the money based on an educated guess of the amount.

The Small Business Tax Relief Act will raise the threshold for making these estimated payments from $1,000 to $2,500 per month. This could provide approximately 6,000 Alabama small business owners with an immediate, one-time tax cut of up to $2,500 and will inject approximately $4.6 million into the Alabama economy.

Under the Tax Elimination Act, we will give authority to the Alabama Department of Revenue to suspend taxes and fees when the cost of collecting the tax exceeds the amount of revenue the tax brings in.

Source: 2014 Alabama Lt. Governor campaign website Oct 30, 2014

Robert Bentley: We will do whatever we can to attract new businesses

Governor Bentley announced that Alabama has been selected as one of the top three states in the nation for doing business. Bentley said, "Alabama has a unique blend of excellent sites, quality infrastructure and incentives that make us attractive to companies throughout the world. These consultants have recognized what we knew all along. Alabama is the best place in the nation to open or expand a business."
Source: Alabama 2011 gubernatorial press release #5633 Sep 23, 2011

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