Scott Walker on Corporations



Put power into hands of job creators, and job growth results

Q: Does your Wisconsin economic record translate nationally?

WALKER: In the last year, from September to September, we saw the best private-sector job growth we've seen in more than a decade. Our unemployment rate's down from 9.2% in 2010 down to 5.5%. And I think if you lower taxes, ease regulations, and put the power back in the hands of the people to create jobs, you can do just that. And you can do it all across the country.

Q: Compared to the national average, when it comes to wage growth, Wisconsin is below the national average. Is it possible that the idea of cutting taxes as a way to create jobs and stimulate the economy just isn't working in Wisconsin?

WALKER: No, that's just the opposite. The reason revenues are down is because we cut withholding. "Withholding" is where the government takes more of your money than you actually owe them and holds onto them without getting you interest. We cut that in April.

Source: Meet the Press 2014 interviews of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Nov 9, 2014

Put in place manufacturing/agriculture production tax credit

Manufacturing and agriculture are two of our core industries in Wisconsin. Thankfully, both are playing a big role in our economic recovery. From Nov. 2012 to Nov. 2013, we rank 7th highest in the country in manufacturing job growth. Milk production went up at double the national rate over the past year.

To keep these positive trends going, we put in place the manufacturing and agriculture production tax credit last year. Now, if you are an employer in one of these key industries, you should look at growing in Wisconsin as this credit will eventually wipe out almost all of your taxable liability. That is a really big deal because it gives you the opportunity to invest the capital necessary to help create more jobs. This program is a game changer for employers in manufacturing and agriculture.

Source: 2014 State of the State Address to Wisconsin legislature , Jan 22, 2014

300 rule changes from Small Business Regulatory Review

You may remember, last year, I called for state agencies to work with the reformed Small Business Regulatory Review Board to identify unnecessary, obsolete, and burdensome regulations.

In a survey, we asked employers what we can do to help them create jobs in the upcoming year and the most common answer was decrease the amount of state regulations. And they gave us plenty of feedback on rules to review.

Tonight, I am pleased to release this report, which identifies over 300 rule modifications in 218 administrative code chapters. Making these changes will make it easier to do business in the state, while maintaining the safety and health of our citizens.

Source: 2013 State of the State address to Wisconsin Legislature , Jan 15, 2013

Expand relocation & economic development tax credits

Yesterday, I signed an expansion of our relocation and economic development tax credits. These measures will help our state attract and retain businesses and jobs. Although we have accomplished a lot in a short time, we should not celebrate too much the bills that have already passed. We are under no illusion that simply calling a Special Session means that all is better in Wisconsin. The fact that we needed to call a special session at all is a sobering reminder of all the work we have left to do.
Source: 2011 Wisconsin State of the State Address , Feb 1, 2011

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