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The Making of Donald Trump,
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State of North Dakota Politicians: secondary Archives

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    from State of North Dakota secondary Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Doug Burgum (58) North Dakota Republican candidate for Governor
  • Dustin Peyer (12) Democratic candidate for North Dakota U.S. Senator North Dakota
  • Dwight Grotberg (3) Former Republican Challenger (2006) North Dakota
  • Eliot Glassheim (15) Democratic candidate for Senate North Dakota
  • Heidi Heitkamp (23) Democratic Challenger North Dakota
  • Jack Dalrymple (21) North Dakota Republican Governor
  • Jeff Flake (1) Republican Challenger (retiring) Arizona
  • Joe Manchin III (2) West Virginia Former Democratic Governor (Until 2010)
  • John Hoeven (8) North Dakota Former Republican Governor (2000-2010)
  • Kelly Armstrong (4) Republican U.S. Rep North Dakota- 0
  • Kevin Cramer (30) Republican candidate for North Dakota U.S. Senator North Dakota
  • Marvin Nelson (12) North Dakota Democratic candidate for Governor
  • Michael Coachman (13) North Dakota Republican candidate for governor
  • Rick Becker (11) North Dakota Republican 2016 Gubernatorial candidate
  • Rick Berg (1) Republican Challenger North Dakota
  • Robert Marquette (6) Libertarian Senate candidate North Dakota
  • Shelley Lenz (7) North Dakota North Dakota Democratic Governor
  • Thomas Campbell (13) Republican candidate for North Dakota U.S. Senator North Dakota
  • Tracy Potter (11) 2010 Democratic Challenger North Dakota
  • Wayne Stenehjem (16) North Dakota Republican 2016 Gubernatorial candidate
  • Whitney Williams (1) Montana Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Michael Coachman: Individuals, including unborn, have intrinsic right to life.
    Doug Burgum: Law requires doctors to say some abortions reversible.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Fund Planned Parenthood but don't fund abortions.
    Kevin Cramer: Abortion on demand for 40 years leads to school shootings.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Opposed 20-week abortion ban.
    Kevin Cramer: Announced for Senate due to incumbent's pro-choice vote.
    Dustin Peyer: Government has no role in woman's choice.
    Thomas Campbell: Fight for the unborn.
    Eliot Glassheim: Pro-choice, but parental notification is ok.
    Rick Becker: Government's responsibility to protect human life.
    Wayne Stenehjem: Exceptions for rape & incest, but sign other pro-life bills.
    Doug Burgum: Support a ban on abortions for things like gender selection.
    Tracy Potter: Voted against making abortion a felony.
    Tracy Potter: Define life as beginning at birth, not conception.
    Wayne Stenehjem: Supports waiting periods and parental notification.
Budget & Economy
    Doug Burgum: Investing in infrastructure now will save us millions.
    Doug Burgum: Increased teacher & state employee pay without raising taxes.
    Dustin Peyer: Revamp tax code so business can pay living wage.
    Doug Burgum: Right-size government: cutting $1.2B is a great start.
    Eliot Glassheim: Federal spending promotes growth better than tax cuts.
    Rick Becker: Submit smaller budgets when there are shortfalls.
    Wayne Stenehjem: Rainy day funds and budget cuts work.
    Wayne Stenehjem: Diversify our economy: drones, fertilizer, & infrastructure.
    Robert Marquette: Fight for sound monetary policy & lower government influence.
Civil Rights
    Michael Coachman: Nurture strong marriages of one man and one woman.
    Doug Burgum: Repeal Sunday morning shopping ban.
    Doug Burgum: Fly flags of ND tribal nations at Governor's Office.
    Dustin Peyer: Lead fight against discrimination by sexual orientation.
    Kelly Armstrong: Gender neutral terms in state laws, for same-sex marriages.
    Thomas Campbell: No gender neutral terms in state laws; keep husband/wife.
    Eliot Glassheim: Supports same-sex marriage.
    Doug Burgum: No discrimination because of sexual orientation.
    Wayne Stenehjem: LGBT protection in housing & jobs, but religious freedom too.
    Marvin Nelson: Supports Equal Pay for Equal Work.
    Doug Burgum: Gay marriage is ok, but not running on social issues.
    Robert Marquette: Oppose legislation negatively impacting LGBT community.
    Rick Becker: Add "sexual orientation" to definition of discrimination.
    Thomas Campbell: Voted NO on "sexual orientation" in defining discrimination.
    Kelly Armstrong: Don't add sexual orientation to definition of discrimination.
    Kevin Cramer: Marriage is defined in Scripture.
    Tracy Potter: Prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.
    Tracy Potter: No job discrimination by sexual orientation/gender identity.
    Tracy Potter: Repeal Cohabitation Law: unmarried couples can live together.
    Wayne Stenehjem: No same-sex marriage; no hate-crime laws for gays.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Supports Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, with reforms.
    Kevin Cramer: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is regulatory overreach.
    Doug Burgum: Economy of the future built on collaboration for innovation.
    Doug Burgum: Founded software company at age 26; grew to 2,000 staff.
    Rick Becker: Lower tax rates and eschew picking winners and losers.
    Rick Becker: Picking winners & losers fails; lower taxes & get out of way.
    Jack Dalrymple: Cut corporate tax and income tax across the board.
    Eliot Glassheim: Opposed across-the-board corporate and income tax cuts.
    Marvin Nelson: Opposed across-the-board corporate and income tax cuts.
    Kelly Armstrong: Cut corporate tax and income tax across the board.
    Michael Coachman: Preserve right of self-defense without excessive burdens.
    Doug Burgum: Jail time without rehab is not a cure for addiction.
    Eliot Glassheim: Supports death penalty & alternatives for non-violent crimes.
    Marvin Nelson: Asked attorney general to spend more time fighting crime.
    Wayne Stenehjem: Launched state's sex offender website.
    Jack Dalrymple: No use of drones for criminal investigations.
    Rick Becker: No use of drones for criminal investigations.
    Jack Dalrymple: More state troopers, more parole and probation programs.
    Kevin Cramer: 100% pro-life includes opposing death penalty.
    Jack Dalrymple: More highway patrol; more emergency communications system.
    Doug Burgum: Remove shame and stigma from the disease of addiction.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Supports medical marijuana; leave recreational use to voters.
    Kevin Cramer: No recreational marijuana; opposes ND ballot measure 3.
    Dustin Peyer: Legalize & tax marijuana.
    Doug Burgum: Opioid epidemic threatens our way of life.
    Marvin Nelson: Invest in drug treatment, mental health, and drug courts.
    Wayne Stenehjem: Warn of dangers of new opioid drugs; but help addicts too.
    Rick Becker: Supports medical marijuana and legalized pot.
    Wayne Stenehjem: Marijuana has no positives.
    Wayne Stenehjem: Make drug enforcement a priority.
    Marvin Nelson: Legalize medical marijuana.
    Eliot Glassheim: Legalize medical marijuana.
    Rick Becker: Voted NO on drug testing for TANF & SNAP benefits.
    John Hoeven: $4M to address meth and narcotics with more prisons.
    Doug Burgum: Expand career/technical academies across the state.
    Michael Coachman: Don't restrict children in prayer, religious expression.
    Doug Burgum: Help students be "choice ready" for their career paths.
    Doug Burgum: Proclaimed North Dakota School Choice Week.
    Doug Burgum: Invest in K-12 for our No. 1 resource--our young people.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Vouchers take public funds away from public schools.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Supports public service loan forgiveness for college debt.
    Kevin Cramer: Supports vouchers and charter schools.
    Kevin Cramer: End student loan interest deduction.
    Doug Burgum: Local control of schools.
    Doug Burgum: Kids can't prepare for 21st century using 19th-century model.
    Marvin Nelson: Maintain investment in schools despite financial crunch.
    Doug Burgum: Accelerate efforts to raise outcomes for all students.
    Jack Dalrymple: Achieved long-sought goal of 70% funding from state.
    Tracy Potter: Deregulate homeschooling for parents with H.S. diplomas.
    Tracy Potter: Voted NO on Home School Deregulation.
    John Hoeven: Moment of silence, or prayer, ok in public schools.
    Wayne Stenehjem: Supports charter schools; schools choice; & private funding.
Energy & Oil
    Doug Burgum: Clean coal will allow us to shape global energy policy.
    Doug Burgum: Private sector innovation over regulation on carbon.
    Doug Burgum: Lignite (brown coal) is transforming power plant emissions.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Tax incentives for renewables, particularly wind power.
    Kevin Cramer: Climate change is a religious belief.
    Doug Burgum: On energy, all of the above.
    Thomas Campbell: Liberal politicians hurt state's energy economy.
    Dustin Peyer: Shift to renewable energy inevitable.
    Thomas Campbell: Feds shouldn't interfere with local energy industry.
    Doug Burgum: Protest campers at Dakota Access Pipeline should leave.
    Eliot Glassheim: Regulate greenhouse gases, and fund renewable energy.
    Marvin Nelson: Increase state research on global warming from $5M to $50M.
    Wayne Stenehjem: Diversify economy with value-added energy and agriculture.
    Doug Burgum: We are not running out of oil; we have a global surplus.
    Jack Dalrymple: New safety rule: filter crude oil for dangerous types of gas.
    Jack Dalrymple: Reduce oil extraction tax from 6.5% to 5%.
    Kelly Armstrong: Reduce oil extraction tax from 6.5% to 5%.
    Rick Becker: Reduce oil extraction tax from 6.5% to 5%.
    Jack Dalrymple: Focus on pipeline and rail capacity for oil & gas.
    Jack Dalrymple: Oil & gas development brings jobs; let's build them roads.
    Dwight Grotberg: Build ND infrastructure for energy production & corn ethanol.
    Dwight Grotberg: make energy a National Security issue.
    Shelley Lenz: Balance energy needs with need to preserve grasslands.
    Doug Burgum: Dept. of Environmental Quality to focus on clean air & water.
    Doug Burgum: Innovation--not regulation--solves oil & gas challenges.
    Marvin Nelson: Block giveaway of state-owned mineral resources.
    Michael Coachman: Block giveaway of state-owned mineral resources.
    Marvin Nelson: Invest in flood protection, even if we have to raise taxes.
    Eliot Glassheim: $220 million to cities stricken by water contamination.
    Wayne Stenehjem: Sue EPA to block "Waters of the US" land control.
Families & Children
    Michael Coachman: Committed to God, his family, the Constitution, integrity.
    Heidi Heitkamp: No discrimination against intimate relationships.
    Kevin Cramer: Marriage is defined in Scripture.
    Kevin Cramer: The #MeToo movement is all about victimization.
    Jack Dalrymple: Great need for more and better child care services.
    Wayne Stenehjem: Supports sex-ed programs stressing abstinence.
Foreign Policy
    Eliot Glassheim: Opposes withdrawing American participation in NATO.
Free Trade
    Doug Burgum: We have an amazing relationship with Canada.
    Doug Burgum: Supports trade deal with Mexico/Canada.
    Doug Burgum: North American trade deal good for farmers, ranchers.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Tariffs on China cause retaliatory actions.
    Kevin Cramer: Tariffs on China are the one tool we have.
    Doug Burgum: Supports USMCA trade agreement to replace NAFTA.
    Heidi Heitkamp: AdWatch: trade war with China hurts soybean farmers.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Our $50B of tariffs on China caused $34B of retaliation.
    Doug Burgum: Trade war with China, & tariffs, hurting domestic farmers.
    Heidi Heitkamp: A trade war is bad for jobs, business, and consumers.
    Jack Dalrymple: Link ND businesses with foreign buyers.
Government Reform
    John Hoeven: Federal government shouldn't determine state election rules.
    Doug Burgum: One-stop reporting for hazardous spills helps state respond.
    Michael Coachman: Size of government & regulations should be limited.
    Doug Burgum: Online state services should work like consumer sites.
    Michael Coachman: Work with tribal leaders to resolve concerns over voter ID.
    Michael Coachman: Make acquiring absentee ballots easier.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Reverse Citizens United by constitutional amendment.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Opposes voter ID; they target minorities & youth.
    Kevin Cramer: No disclosure of corporate campaign donations.
    Thomas Campbell: Cut bureaucracy and red tape.
    Doug Burgum: Veto $5,000 limits on executive branch bonuses.
    Jack Dalrymple: OpEd: Legislative $5,000 limit on governor's executive bonus.
    Rick Becker: Voted YES on $5,000 limit on governor's executive bonus.
    Thomas Campbell: Voted NO on $5,000 limit on governor's executive bonus.
    Eliot Glassheim: Regulate campaign contributions from corporations and unions.
    Robert Marquette: Give SCOTUS nominees an up-or-down vote.
    Robert Marquette: Shed light on entrenched political corruption and cronyism.
    Doug Burgum: Pledge to support term limits.
    Jack Dalrymple: Change restrictions for Voter ID.
    Marvin Nelson: Opposed changes in restrictions for Voter ID.
    Jack Dalrymple: Study ID cards for voting to ensure citizenship.
    Rick Becker: Study ID cards for voting to ensure citizenship.
    Thomas Campbell: Study ID cards for voting to ensure citizenship.
    Kevin Cramer: First Amendment is clear: unregulated campaign contributions.
    Tracy Potter: Opposed "Clean Elections" limited to $1500 contributions.
    Wayne Stenehjem: Limit corporate campaign contributions, but not PACs.
Gun Control
    Michael Coachman: Uphold right solemnly confirmed by 2d Amendment.
    Dustin Peyer: Education, not regulation and confiscation.
    Thomas Campbell: 2nd Amendment is the most important one.
    Eliot Glassheim: Opposes gun-control legislation except assault weapons ban.
    Robert Marquette: Strengthen gun rights.
    Doug Burgum: Obama has overreached on gun control.
    Tracy Potter: Deadly force ok in self defense against an intruder.
Health Care
    Shelley Lenz: COVID: Dismissing public health officials isn't working.
    Shelley Lenz: COVID: Create crisis management structure to respond.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Support ObamaCare, with improvements.
    Kevin Cramer: ObamaCare is an insult to the Constitution & the conscience.
    Dustin Peyer: Universal single-payer healthcare for all.
    Eliot Glassheim: Don't repeal ObamaCare, but do improve it.
    Wayne Stenehjem: Questioned ObamaCare on constitutionality & carve-outs.
    Doug Burgum: Pledge to oppose Obamacare.
    Jack Dalrymple: Cutting benefits to those in need is not an option.
    Kevin Cramer: ObamaCare is an insult to the constitution.
    Jack Dalrymple: Large funding increases for nursing homes & home-based care.
Homeland Security
    John Hoeven: Full funding for missiles, bases in North Dakota.
    Doug Burgum: State income tax exemption on military retirement pay.
    Doug Burgum: Need strong deterrent against rogue nations.
    Kevin Cramer: Every agency, including defense, should cut programs.
    Jack Dalrymple: Our troops safeguard our quality of life.
    Joe Manchin III: Tuition assistance and service bonuses for Desert Storm vets.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Path to citizenship for DREAMers, with conditions.
    Kevin Cramer: DACA was unlawfully put together; send DREAMers home.
    Kevin Cramer: Chain-link fences ok for holding kids of illegal immigrants.
    Kevin Cramer: Audio of immigrants' kids crying is "irrelevant hoopla".
    Heidi Heitkamp: Extend DACA for 3 years; $7.6B for 3-year border security.
    Jeff Flake: Extend DACA for 3 years; $7.6B for 3-year border security.
    Thomas Campbell: Build the wall, not sanctuary cities.
    Dustin Peyer: Earned amnesty for undocumented immigrants.
    Thomas Campbell: Sanctuary cities break the law.
    Eliot Glassheim: Supports comprehensive immigration package.
    Marvin Nelson: Refugees stimulate the economy but face hate in the US.
    Marvin Nelson: Refugees stimulate the economy & face all the hate in the US.
    Doug Burgum: Consider filing a lawsuit over refugee resettlement.
    Kevin Cramer: Harder for illegals to get benefits & become citizens.
    Tracy Potter: Increase visa caps to meet labor shortages.
    John Hoeven: State & locals cops should enforce federal immigration laws.
    Shelley Lenz: Invest in vocational training for good-paying jobs.
    Doug Burgum: Path to jobs is changing; not just four years of college.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Raise minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10/hour.
    Kevin Cramer: Reduce regulations instead of raising minimum wage.
    Dustin Peyer: Support unions; raise minimum wage.
    Jack Dalrymple: Job growth from low taxes & regulations, not just oil.
    Dwight Grotberg: Redirect farm subsidies back into the marketplace.
Local Issues
    Doug Burgum: Working with tribal leadership to improve quality of life.
    Doug Burgum: People won't move here if spouse faces licensure barrier.
Principles & Values
    Shelley Lenz: Running for governor not political, about problem solving.
    Michael Coachman: People should be responsible for their own behavior.
    Shelley Lenz: Says farmers and workers in ND epitomize Democrats.
    Doug Burgum: Reinvented state government amid a $1B revenue shortfall.
    Michael Coachman: Volunteers at prison ministry and Christian school.
    Whitney Williams: Stand on the Constitution from beginning to end.
    Thomas Campbell: Hard work & grace of God made Tom a success.
    Robert Marquette: Only Libertarians can repair damage to the Supreme Court.
    Jack Dalrymple: Vision for ND: opportunity, growth, & responsibility.
    John Hoeven: Former Democrat until running for Governor as GOP.
    Tracy Potter: An independent voice; hence a true voice.
Social Security
    Doug Burgum: Enacted tax break for Social Security recipients.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Opposes privatization of Social Security.
    Kevin Cramer: Advocate for private sector options.
    Eliot Glassheim: No personal retirement accounts.
    Kevin Cramer: Allow future workers to invest more of their own money.
    Rick Berg: 2005: Supported Bush's privatization plan as state rep.
    Joe Manchin III: Repeal the Unemployment Insurance offset for working seniors.
Tax Reform
    Michael Coachman: Taxes for government, not forced redistribution of wealth.
    Doug Burgum: Exempted military retirement benefits from state income tax.
    Doug Burgum: Private investment in infrastructure reduces property taxes.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Trump tax cuts provide no relief for middle-class families.
    Kevin Cramer: Trump tax cuts were best Christmas gift Washington can give.
    Dustin Peyer: Revenue should come from wealthy; and sales tax.
    Thomas Campbell: overhaul the tax code to grow jobs.
    Doug Burgum: Shrink government and stop property tax hikes.
    John Hoeven: Pushed property tax relief and economic development.
    Doug Burgum: Essential to invest in protecting the data of our citizens.
    Doug Burgum: Technology has ensured abundant food and energy.
    Doug Burgum: State-sponsored cyber terrorists are at war with us.
    Doug Burgum: $1.5B for roads, water projects, & airport infrastructure.
    Doug Burgum: USMCA trade deal protects intellectual property rights.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Supports strong infrastructure spending.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Support Net Neutrality, requiring equal access to all users.
    Kevin Cramer: Opposed stimulus investment, except infrastructure.
    Kevin Cramer: End Net Neutrality; don't require equal access to all users.
    Dustin Peyer: States should control transportation policy.
    Doug Burgum: Main Street Initiative: use existing infrastructure fully.
    John Hoeven: Driver privacy for Event Data Recorder on cars & motorcycles.
    Jack Dalrymple: Invest reserve fund in one-time highway infrastructure.
War & Peace
    Heidi Heitkamp: Supports treaty limiting Iran's nuclear capability.
    Kevin Cramer: Withdraw from treaty limiting Iran's nuclear capability.
    Dustin Peyer: Bring our troops home.
    Eliot Glassheim: Target terrorists anywhere; prevent hostile nuclear weapons.
    Kevin Cramer: Withdraw from Afghanistan, but no timetable.
    Kevin Cramer: Military force OK to prevent Iranian nukes.
Welfare & Poverty
    Shelley Lenz: Keep food production in ND to guarantee food for people.
    Doug Burgum: World poverty is down; world health is up; ND will benefit.
    Jack Dalrymple: $15 million in our Housing Incentive Fund and FlexPace.

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