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Opposes American Exceptionalism

Q: Do you agree or disagree with the statement, "Support American Exceptionalism"?

CASTLE: Disagree.

Source: 2016 email interview with OnTheIssues on presidential race , Oct 29, 2016

Withdraw from the United Nations

I believe that the United States (U.S.) should regain its sovereignty and chart its own course. This is not isolationism. The US cannot remain isolated from the forces agitating today's world, which is so interrelated.

Many people, including many in our own government, would love to see American nationhood fade into history. They fear not only the power of America, but also the ideas that still make us the most powerful nation on earth. Those ideas serve as a contradiction to the way the rest of the world operates, and would serve us even more if we were once again an independent nation.

The ideas of America are not compatible with membership in the United Nations. The UN is world headquarters for the church of unbelieving humanism. The fundamental doctrine of the U.N. is that the world should be a global collective, redistributing shares of material prosperity to every human on earth. That is a religious and not a political idea. Faith in God is replaced by faith in Humanity.

Source: 2016 Presidential campaign website castle2016.com , Oct 9, 2016

Christians might not like it, but let Israel defend itself

Q: Many Christians who might otherwise find the Constitution Party a suitable ideological home may be hesitant to take that leap because of what they see as an "isolationist" foreign policy, that would exclude protections of Israel; a very important issue for Christians. How do you address those concerns?

DC: Christians and others will have to listen and read for themselves about my foreign policy rather than gather it from the establishment or mainstream media. As for Israel: Israel is a most important ally in the Middle East and for the most part Israel's enemies are our enemies. I am against foreign aid for anyone since there is no Constitutional basis for it, but I know that if we cut off the billions in aid to Israel's enemies and potential enemies, Israel would not need our help. The Israelis are therefore fully capable of defending themselves. I would not sit by and watch Israel be overrun and conquered, but at the same time, I don't believe that could ever happen.

Source: RedState.com interview of 2016 Presidential hopefuls , Aug 13, 2016

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