Jim Gilmore on Civil Rights

Senate challenger 2008; previously Republican Governor (VA)

Rated “F” by National Review on pro-gay issues

On Gay Marriage: The National Review gives Gilmore, an “F” on the issue of gay marriage. By way of comparison to other then governors, Schwarzenegger of California had a “D.” Rell of Connecticut had a “C.” Vilsack of Iowa a “B.” Baldacci of Maine an “A.”

Grades were based upon, “ whether they sign or veto legislation regarding homosexuality. They also receive grades based on their public opinions expressed on homosexual issues.”

Source: RSLevinson.com “All Things Queer”, review of 2008 gay issues Jan 1, 2007

Never allow terrorists limit our commitment to liberty

Today we face a new threat by movements that use individuals to potentially infiltrate our communities, to strike at us by stealth attack, using modern weapons and technology to threaten our very homes and families. The purpose of all this is to infect our nation with that most serious threat of all: fear in the minds of Americans: the fear of the unknown, the fear of injury or death, fear for the future.

The 9/11 attacks led to the extension of the Gilmore Commission for two more years. We pointed out that in 2002, there was still no national strategy on terrorism. In 2003, we expressed serious concern that the urgency of homeland security was not taking hold. We also began to have a serious concern about the protection of civil liberties in the US in a time of great fear and anxiety. Frightened people will give up liberty for security. The enemy of liberty is fear. We should never allow the actions of terrorists to cause us to surrender the commitment to liberty that makes us uniquely American.

Source: Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government Forum “Ready America” Mar 31, 2006

Support principles embodied in the Equal Rights Amendment.

Gilmore adopted the National Governors Association policy:

In 1976 the National Governors Association expressed support for ratification and implementation of the Equal Rights Amendment, which would constitutionally guarantee full citizenship rights and opportunities for women. In 1982 the drive for ratification fell short, and efforts to initiate the amendatory process were taken.

The National Governors Association reaffirms its support for the principles embodied in the Equal Rights Amendment, i.e., that equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state on the basis of gender.

Source: NGA Executive Committee Policy EC-14: Equal Rights Policy 01-NGA1 on Feb 15, 2001

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