Ralph Nader on Civil Rights

2008 Independent for for President; 2004 Reform nominee; 2000 Green nominee

Ban desecration of the Constitution; not flag desecration

Isn't it interesting that there's a push to ban, in the Constitution, the desecration of the flag, but not the desecration of the Constitution?

We have a criminal war of aggression in Iraq. It violates the Constitution repeatedly. It violates federal statutes. It violates international treaties that we're signatories to, that have the force of federal law.

We have the most impeachable President and Vice President in American history. We have torture; violation of civil rights and civil liberties; arrests of thousands of people without charges; imprisonment without attorneys; we have signing statements which are a usurpation of the Constitutional authority ascribed to Congress.

Source: 2008 Green Presidential Debate moderated by Cindy Sheehan Jan 13, 2008

Patriot Act associated with abuse of Muslim's civil rights

According to a report released on March 3 by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the implementation of the Patriot Act has been associated with abuses of the civil rights of Muslim-Americans. The report points to a number of questionable national security policies including: