Carol Moseley-Braun on Homeland Security

Former IL Senator; Democratic Candidate for President

Color-coded warnings are no substitute for diplomacy

Q: Do you support the government's threat warning system?

A: No. Duct tape, plastic sheeting and color codes are no substitute for diplomacy and for engaging our country in a global fight, a real fight against terrorism. This administration has pandered to fear. The color-coded system is just part and parcel of that. I think we'd be much better served to have the support for first responders, police & fire, our hospital systems, to protect our infrastructure, to give people a sense of security.

Source: Iowa Brown and Black Presidential Forum Jan 11, 2004

A real war on terrorism: go after terrorist cells

Q: What do you think about the war on terrorism?

A: We should've had a real war on terrorism that went after terrorist cells, that dealt with first responders, that funded local efforts to provide protection for the American people before running off hell-bent for leather halfway around the world. Constitution says that it is the Congress' job to make decisions about when we go to war. The practice of just passing resolutions saying the President can make these decisions unilaterally has got to stop.

Source: Democratic 2004 Primary Presidential Debate in Durham NH Dec 9, 2003

Leave the Iraqis the same as we found them

Q: What does it mean by bringing home troops with honor?

A: That means we blew Iraq up. We have a responsibility to at least stay and leave it in better shape than we found it. But those people having given their lives at a minimum we have I think our honor at stake, and to preserve that honor, we have to leave the Iraqi people no less--no worse off than we found them. And that means repairing and rebuilding the infrastructure, not new phone deals and sweetheart deals for Halliburton, certainly.

Source: CNN "Rock The Vote" Democratic Debate Nov 5, 2003

Voted NO on deploying missile defense as soon as possible.

Vote to limit further debate and proceed to a bill that would require the U.S. to deploy as soon as possible an effective National Missile Defense system capable of defending against a limited ballistic missile attack.
Bill S 1873 ; vote number 1998-262 on Sep 9, 1998

Voted NO on prohibiting same-sex basic training.

Byrd Amdt (D-WV) that would prohibit same-sex military barracks and basic training.
Status: Amdt Rejected Y)39; N)53; NV)8
Reference: Byrd Amdt #3011; Bill S. 2057 ; vote number 1998-180 on Jun 25, 1998

Voted YES on favoring 36 vetoed military projects.

Overturning line-item vetoes of 36 military projects vetoed by President Clinton.
Status: Bill Passed Y)69; N)30; NV)1
Reference: Line Item Veto Cancellation bill; Bill S. 1292 ; vote number 1997-287 on Oct 30, 1997

Voted YES on banning chemical weapons.

Approval of the chemical weapons ban.
Status: Resolution of Ratification Agreed to Y)74; N)26
Reference: Resolution of ratification of the Chemical (Comprehensive) Weapons (Convention) Ban; Bill S. Res. 75 ; vote number 1997-51 on Apr 24, 1997

Voted NO on considering deploying NMD, and amending ABM Treaty.

Vote to consider establishing a policy requiring the deployment of a national missile defense system by the end of 2003. The bill would also urge discussions with Russia to amend the ABM Treaty to allow deployment of the system.
Bill S 1635 ; vote number 1996-157 on Jun 4, 1996

Voted NO on 1996 Defense Appropriations.

Approval of the 1996 Defense Appropriations bill.
Status: Bill Passed Y)62; N)35; NV)3
Reference: Defense Approps Bill FY 96; Bill S. 1087 ; vote number 1995-397 on Sep 5, 1995

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