Al Sharpton on Budget & Economy

Reverend; Civil Rights Activist; Democratic Candidate for President

Focus on mass employment instead of big business

Q: What would you look for in a chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

SHARPTON: I would be looking for someone that would not be protecting the big businesses; we would not be protecting banking interests; [and instead] lead toward mass employment, mass development and mass production. Would I replace Greenspan, probably. Do I have a name? No.

Source: Democratic 2004 Primary Debate at St. Anselm College Jan 22, 2004

Average Americans are doing their share

Q: What burden should average families bear?

SHARPTON: To lecture working-class, average, middle-class Americans on how they can do more when you have the Enrons of the world operating offshore, doing nothing, I think is an insult to the intelligence of the American people. In fact, it is on our backs that you are being able to do what you've been able to do. We've been the ones that have beared the brunt of the American economy. We just have not shared from the prosperity.

Source: Democratic Presidential 2004 Primary Debate in Detroit Oct 27, 2003

Job development is critical to economy

We are going from a threat of inflation to a threat of deflation. President Clinton did a good job, but we had a technology boom then. We don't have that now. The fact is there was a reason the economy was strong then. We don't have that reason now. We must invest in job development. That's how you bring the economy back.
Source: Debate at Pace University in Lower Manhattan Sep 25, 2003

Repeal virtually all of the Bush tax cuts

Q: How will you balance the budget?

A: I would repeal virtually all of the Bush tax cuts, since they mostly benefit the rich in a way that will not benefit the rest of us. I am not concerned per se about deficit spending in our present economic circumstance. But I am concerned about the current deficit spending that is primarily the result of tax cuts that will not result in creating a significant number jobs and balanced economic growth.

Source: MoveOn.org interview Jun 17, 2003

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