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Reverend; Civil Rights Activist; Democratic Candidate for President

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Strongly Favors topic 1:
Abortion is a woman's right
(+5 points on Social scale)
Women can choose about their life and their body: Strongly Favors topic 1
Conserve Roe v. Wade: Favors topic 1
Abortion is wrong, but let women choose: Favors topic 1
His Supreme Court nominees will allow right to choose: Strongly Favors topic 1
Strongly Favors topic 2:
Require hiring more women & minorities
(-5 points on Economic scale)
Reparations based on Lincolnís promise of 40 acres & a mule: Strongly Favors topic 2
Institutional discrimination still hinders minorities: Strongly Favors topic 2
Equal protection under the law, not racial polarization: Favors topic 2
Supports reparations and affirmative action: Strongly Favors topic 2
Strongly Favors topic 3:
Same-sex domestic partnership benefits
(+5 points on Social scale)
Donít let states deal with gay rights-equal federal rights: Favors topic 3
Banning gay marriage says gays are less than human: Strongly Favors topic 3
Supports gay rights-let people choose to sin or not: Favors topic 3
Let gays and lesbians adopt: Strongly Favors topic 3
Favors topic 4:
Teacher-led prayer in public schools
(-3 points on Social scale)
Supports school prayer, but donít impose it: Favors topic 4
Strongly Opposes topic 8:
Death Penalty
(+5 points on Social scale)
States rights are dangerous when applied to death penalty: Opposes topic 8
Opposed to death penalty under any circumstances: Strongly Opposes topic 8
End the death penalty-discriminatory, non-deterrent, wrong: Strongly Opposes topic 8
Only candidate opposed to death penalty: Strongly Opposes topic 8
Itís no coincidence that the wealthy donít get executed: Strongly Opposes topic 8
Strongly Opposes topic 9:
Mandatory Three Strikes sentencing laws
(+5 points on Social scale)
Prison programs for job skills & drug rehab: Opposes topic 9
Focus on prevention instead of Three Strikes: Strongly Opposes topic 9
Strongly Opposes topic 10:
Absolute right to gun ownership
(-5 points on Economic scale)
Require background checks, licensing, and fingerprinting: Strongly Opposes topic 10
Supports federal gun licensing & registration: Strongly Opposes topic 10
Strongly Favors topic 5:
More federal funding for health coverage
(-5 points on Economic scale)
Other plans are step in the right direction of single-payer: Strongly Favors topic 5
Forget half-a-loaf--support single-payer: Strongly Favors topic 5
Right to health care, to education, and to vote: Favors topic 5
Guarantee health care with Constitutional amendment: Strongly Favors topic 5
Strongly Opposes topic 6:
Privatize Social Security
(-5 points on Economic scale)
More financing for Social Security in its current form: Strongly Opposes topic 6
Faster economic growth will save Social Security: Opposes topic 6
Strongly Opposes topic 7:
Parents choose schools via vouchers
(-5 points on Economic scale)
Vouchers are a gradual step toward privatization: Strongly Opposes topic 7
GOP plan is to use vouchers to reduce education funding: Strongly Opposes topic 7
Supports public education, not vouchers: Strongly Opposes topic 7
Strongly Favors topic 18:
Replace coal & oil with alternatives
(-5 points on Economic scale)
Cap CO2 emissions and re-enter Kyoto discussions: Strongly Favors topic 18
Build hybrid vehicles; raise CAFE to 45 mpg: Strongly Favors topic 18
Strongly Opposes topic 19:
Drug use is immoral: enforce laws against it
(+5 points on Social scale)
Something wrong with mandatory time for drug users: Strongly Opposes topic 19
Opposes topic 20:
Allow churches to provide welfare services
(-3 points on Economic scale)
Focus welfare on child care & low-income housing: Opposes topic 20
Strongly Favors topic 11:
Make taxes more progressive
(-5 points on Economic scale)
Repeal virtually all of the Bush tax cuts: Strongly Favors topic 11
Bush tax cuts make us victims of a war of mass distraction: Strongly Favors topic 11
Bush isnít cutting taxes, heís shifting taxes: Strongly Favors topic 11
Repealing tax cut isnít raising taxes; itís saving America: Favors topic 11
Would repeal all Bush tax cuts: Favors topic 11
Bushís unilateral foreign policy is short-sighted: Strongly Favors topic 11
Strongly Favors topic 12:
Illegal immigrants earn citizenship
(+5 points on Social scale)
Relax Mexican border to match Canadian border: Favors topic 12
Current immigration law is discriminatory: Favors topic 12
Immigration system is archaic & biased against Latinos: Strongly Favors topic 12
Strongly Opposes topic 13:
Support & expand free trade
(-5 points on Economic scale)
Disagreed with NAFTA under Clinton AND under Bush: Strongly Opposes topic 13
Against NAFTA; donít sacrifice environment to economy: Strongly Opposes topic 13
Repeal NAFTA and GATT: too business-friendly: Strongly Opposes topic 13
Strongly Opposes topic 15:
Expand the armed forces
(+5 points on Social scale)
Cut defense budget, even if unpopular: Strongly Opposes topic 15
Military increases have nothing to do with terrorism: Strongly Opposes topic 15
No opinion on topic 16:
Stricter limits on political campaign funds
(0 points on Economic scale)
(No votes on which to base response)
Strongly Favors topic 14:
The Patriot Act harms civil liberties
(+5 points on Social scale)
Patriot Act is unpatriotic illegitimate legislation: Strongly Favors topic 14
Favors topic 17:
US out of Iraq
(+2 points on Social scale)
Consistent foreign policy, and allies, are important: Favors topic 17

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Health Care
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Social Security
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