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Enforce individual rights for land, water, air, and wildlife

We support a clean and healthy environment and sensible use of our natural resources. Private landowners and conservation groups have a vested interest in maintaining natural resources. Pollution and misuse of resources cause damage to our ecosystem. Governments, unlike private businesses, are unaccountable for such damage done to our environment and have a terrible track record when it comes to environmental protection. Protecting the environment requires a clear definition and enforcement of individual rights in resources like land, water, air, and wildlife. Free markets and property rights stimulate the technological innovations and behavioral changes required to protect our environment and ecosystems. We realize that our planet's climate is constantly changing, but environmental advocates and social pressure are the most effective means of changing public behavior.
Source: 2014 Libertarian Party Platform , Nov 1, 2014

Gale Norton is ‘giant leap’ for environmental sense

Confirming former Libertarian Party member Gale Norton as Secretary of the Interior would be “one giant leap” towards more sensible federal environmental and land-use policies, the Libertarian Party said today. “The nomination of former Libertarian Gale Norton is one small step for the Republican Party, but one giant leap for Libertarian-style environmental policies,” said the party’s national director, Steve Dasbach. “Norton is a refreshing change of pace from the typical knee-jerk, anti-capitalism, tree-worshipping environmentalist -- and that makes her the best possible choice for Secretary of the Interior. She seems to support a sensible free-market environmentalism that balances the need for a healthy planet with the importance of liberty, property rights, and limited government. Norton, who served as attorney general of Colorado from 1991 to 1998, had an extensive history as a Libertarian Party activist before joining the Republican Party.
Source: LP Press Release , Jan 17, 2001

Government is the worst polluter

Who’s the greatest polluter of all? The oil companies? The chemical companies? The nuclear power plants?If you guessed “none of the above,” you’d be correct. Our government, at the federal, state, and local levels, is the single greatest polluter in the land. In addition, our government doesn’t even clean up its own garbage!

Government, both federal and local, is the greatest single polluter in the U.S. This polluter literally gets away with murder because of sovereign immunity. Libertarians would make government as responsible for its actions as everyone else is expected to be. Libertarians would protect the environment by first abolishing sovereign immunity.

The environment would benefit immensely from the elimination of sovereign immunity coupled with the privatization of “land and beast.”

Source: Libertarian Solutions; Mary Ruwart on LP Web site , Nov 7, 2000

The parties responsible for pollution should be held liable

Pollution of other people’s property is a violation of individual rights. Strict liability, not arbitrary government standards, should regulate pollution. We demand the abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency. Rather than making taxpayers pay for toxic waste clean-ups, the responsible managers and employees, should be held strictly liable for material damage done by their property. Claiming that one has abandoned a piece of property does not absolve one of the responsibility.
Source: National Platform of the Libertarian Party , Jul 2, 2000

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