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Sierra Club on Environment


Urge president to establish more national monuments

If you're grateful that the Grand Canyon, Glacier Bay, and the Olympic Peninsula have been preserved as national parks, consider that these icons were once national monuments. The Antiquities Act of 1906 allows the president to proclaim areas of "historical or scientific interest" as national monuments, using a signature alone. The first to receive the honor was Devils Tower in Wyoming, designated by Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. The most recent is Fort Ord along the California coast, protected in April by Barack Obama. And the largest is a marine sanctuary near Hawaii, established by George W. Bush in 2006. (Only three presidents since Roosevelt have not established a monument.) Here's a sample of places the Sierra Club is urging the president to protect:
Source: Sierra Club magazine, "Monumental Places" , Jul 1, 2012

Sierra Club on Energy

Spend by giving tax breaks

One type of governmental strategy is to offer tax breaks for installing energy efficient measurements. Tax incentives constitute a “carrot approach” in they are voluntary instead of mandatory. In theory the market should respond to these incentives and gradually the US economy will move to higher energy efficiency.
Source: Ozark Sierran, Jim Rhodes, Are Energy Taxes a Good idea? , Mar 30, 2000

Sierra Club on Forests

We need protected forests

The need for protected forests cannot be overstated. Instead of recognizing the value of forests for clean air and water, recreation, wildlife habitat and the benefits for future generations, the Forest Service assessed our natural treasures only in terms of timber targets and congressional appropriations. As a result, today almost of our old growth forests are gone and the timber industry has turned our National Forests into a patchwork of clearcuts, logging roads and devastated habitat.
Source: Seeing the Forests for their Green: Commercial Logging Pgm , Aug 1, 2000

Sierra Club on Population

Stabilize population and reduce wasteful consumption

Source: Sierra Club web site , Jul 2, 2000

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