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Dreams from My Father
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Vice Presidential debate, Oct. 5, 2000

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    Dick Cheney: Reach across the divide on adoptions & notification.
    Dick Cheney: Let FDAís RU-486 decision stand; itís only based on safety.
    Joseph Lieberman: FDAís RU-486 decision stands; itís made properly by experts.
    Joseph Lieberman: Leave abortion decision to a woman, her doctor, and her god.
    Joseph Lieberman: Rejected partial-birth ban since it ignored maternal health.
Budget & Economy
    Dick Cheney: After 8 years inaction, must act based on rosy forecast.
    Dick Cheney: Give responsible tax relief by returning 5% of surplus.
    Joseph Lieberman: $300 billion reserve fund to be insurance policy for surplus.
    Joseph Lieberman: Expensive tax cut for rich will lead to high interest rates.
    Joseph Lieberman: Now: tap Strategic Reserve; long-term: develop 80 mpg cars.
Civil Rights
    Dick Cheney: Equalize pay for stay-at-home moms vs. working women.
    Joseph Lieberman: Support Equal Pay Act for women; plus loans & lawsuits.
    Joseph Lieberman: Equalize pay for women; itís unfair and unacceptable.
    Dick Cheney: Demand accountability so no child is left behind.
    Joseph Lieberman: We must commit money to improve education.
Energy & Oil
    Dick Cheney: Increase domestic energy production without damage to land.
    Joseph Lieberman: Destroying pristine ANWR not worth 6 months of oil.
    Joseph Lieberman: Save 3 mpg and we conserve same as drilling Alaska.
    Dick Cheney: Donít drill off California coast; but do drill ANWR.
Foreign Policy
    Joseph Lieberman: Gore will continue critical role in peace process.
Homeland Security
    Dick Cheney: Military reductions are too much for post-Cold War.
    Dick Cheney: We must not send unprepared, demoralized troops to war.
    Dick Cheney: American military is worse off today than in 1992.
    Dick Cheney: We cannot allow Saddam to have nuclear weapons.
    Joseph Lieberman: American military is best in the world; and has proven it.
    Joseph Lieberman: Skipping generation of equipment will destroy readiness.
    Joseph Lieberman: Donít alarm America - the military is ready.
    Joseph Lieberman: Work with Iraqi opposition to overthrow Saddam.
Principles & Values
    Dick Cheney: The Joe who attends Hollywood fundraisers isnít the old Joe.
    Joseph Lieberman: I requested report, and I said ďstop itĒ to Hollywood.
Social Security
    Dick Cheney: Social Security will go bust without individual investment.
    Joseph Lieberman: Social Security Plus from Gore, cuts from Bush.
Tax Reform
    Dick Cheney: Donít let Goreís tax credits determine how to live your life.
    Dick Cheney: They like tax credits; we like tax reform and tax cuts.
    Dick Cheney: You have to be a CPA to understand Goreís plan.
    Joseph Lieberman: Goreís tax credits acknowledge existing needs.
    Joseph Lieberman: Exciting tax credits for health, elder care, & retirement.
War & Peace
    Dick Cheney: Need leadership and trust to make progress in Mideast.
    Dick Cheney: Serbs deserve credit - Russia and US should support them.
    Joseph Lieberman: US helped depose Milosevic and should continue to help Serbs.

The above quotations are from Vice Presidential debate, Oct. 5, 2000.

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