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Corrogan Vaughn on Principles & Values

Republican Challenger

Born in Virginia; raised in Baltimore

Born on March 8, 1966; In Lynchburg, Virginia, Corrogan Vaughn is the only son of Reverend Doctor Alfred Vaughn and Doctor Lillian Purnell Vaughn. Upon the death of his grandfather some nine months later, Corrogan’s parents returned to his grandfather’s home in Baltimore, Maryland, so that his father could help with his thirteen siblings. Corrogan’s parents entrusted his education to the Baltimore Public Schools, receiving his high school diploma in 1984.
Source: 2008 Senate campaign website,, “About” , Aug 13, 2007

Diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1990

It is important to know that Corrogan has had bumps in his road of life, first being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1990, which brought his commercial pilot training to a temporary halt. Because of his strong belief system, the faith and prayers of his friends and family, and his strong work ethic, Corrogan was able to remain at US Airways.
Source: 2008 Senate campaign website,, “About” , Aug 13, 2007

Commander-in-Chief should be about People And Principles

As he ventures out to take the helm for our great nation, we ask you to consider this one very important question. “Do we as a nation need to send individuals to Washington who have already been a part of our country’s problems? Or, do we need to send a true statesman like Corrogan Vaughn to the White House. Corrogan’s main goal is to both protect and serve God, our nation, and our world?

At the end of each day our Commander-in-Chief should be about ”People And Principles!!!!!

Source: 2008 Senate campaign website,, “About” , Aug 13, 2007

Experienced as faith-based leader

Corrogan’s experiences as a faith-based leader, as a small business owner, and as a dutiful, long-term employee of a major corporation, have uniquely equipped him to have a positive impact on the political scene in Maryland. He has co-hosted two radio shows, “Lunchtime with the Maryland GOP”, a show designed to familiarize Marylanders with the Republican Party, and “Rockin’ D Vote”, a show designed to increase voter registrations & familiarize the listeners with current political events.
Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, , Nov 6, 2006

Co-hosted two political radio shows in Maryland

Corrogan has co-hosted two radio shows, “Lunchtime with the Maryland GOP”, a show designed to familiarize Marylanders with the Republican Party, and “Rockin’ D Vote”, a show designed to increase voter registrations, familiarize the listeners with current political events, and bring about the restoration of rights to non violent ex offenders.
Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, , Nov 6, 2006

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