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New Jersey Senate Virtual Debate - moderated by the Hall Institute, August to September 2006

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  • Robert Menendez (27)
  • Thomas Kean Jr. (27)
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   Robert Menendez: Judicial nominees must uphold Roe v. Wade.
   Robert Menendez: Kean voted against stem-cell research six times; I didn't.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: No litmus test for judicial nominees.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Menendez distorts my pro-stem-cell stance.
   Robert Menendez: I support stem cell research 100%.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Opposed Bush's veto of federal stem cell legislation.
Civil Rights
   Robert Menendez: Support affirmative action in all government contracts.
   Robert Menendez: Supports Amendment banning flag-burning, a uniting symbol.
   Robert Menendez: Supports 1-man-1-woman marriage, but don't take away rights.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Support merit-based initiatives, not affirmative action.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Supports Amendment banning flag-burning, a sacred symbol.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Supports 1-man-1-woman marriage, but no Amendment.
   Robert Menendez: Review current marijuana laws for cases of incurable disease.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Opposes marijuana legalization; prosecute drug crimes fully.
   Robert Menendez: Democrats pushed college tuition tax deductions.
   Robert Menendez: Reducing duplication is no solution for education problems.
   Robert Menendez: Educational Savings Accounts are only for the wealthy.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Focus on reducing fraud and duplication in Pell Grants.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Supports Educational Savings Accounts for college.
Energy & Oil
   Robert Menendez: Past due time to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Reservations about Kyoto Protocol, but supports it locally.
   Robert Menendez: Supports the Polluter Pays Principle.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Supported Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act.
Foreign Policy
   Robert Menendez: International sanctions against nuclear program in Iran.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Be steadfast against nuclear proliferation in Iran.
Government Reform
   Robert Menendez: Keep the Senate filibuster rules, to encourage debate.
   Robert Menendez: Allow dual-office holding for politicians, if voters choose.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Keep the Senate filibuster rules, to encourage negotiation.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Disallow dual-office holding for politicians.
Gun Control
   Robert Menendez: Additional controls on handguns and rifles.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Uphold our current firearm laws.
Health Care
   Robert Menendez: Additional taxes on wealthiest 1%, for medical coverage.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: No additional taxes for medical coverage.
   Robert Menendez: Shift from disease-based to prevention-based system.
   Robert Menendez: Don't force choice of filling prescriptions or refrigerator.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Address Medicaid by cost containment & reducing fraud.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Medicare needs bipartisan independent reforms.
Homeland Security
   Robert Menendez: Combat terrorism within court oversight to protect rights.
   Robert Menendez: Punish terrorists within Geneva Convention.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Surveillance of personal data ok to win War on Terror.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Respect Geneva Conv. but be flexible in prosecuting terror.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Deploy missile defense system against North Korean threat.
   Robert Menendez: Enforcement-only means largest deportation in history.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Menendez' soft voting record on immigration is dangerous.
Social Security
   Robert Menendez: Opposes privatization and fought Bush's privatization scheme.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Opposes both privatization and raising seniors' taxes.
   Robert Menendez: Against privatization; but says Kean has voted for it.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Against privatization; but says Menendez has supported it.
Tax Reform
   Robert Menendez: Repealing the estate Tax only benefits the wealthiest 1%.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Repeal the unfair Death Tax & the Marriage Penalty Tax.
War & Peace
   Robert Menendez: Iraq is a war of choice; based on misleading & false threats.
   Robert Menendez: Biggest mistake in Iraq was going there in the first place.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: We've made mistakes in Iraq, but must complete our objective.
   Thomas Kean Jr.: Can't cut-and-run in Iraq; that's a declaration of defeat.

The above quotations are from New Jersey Senate Virtual Debate - moderated by the Hall Institute, August to September 2006.

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