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Andrew Cuomo on Jobs

Democratic Governor

Phase One casino gambling plan: three Upstate casinos

Phase One casino gambling plan: three Upstate casinos We can revitalize the Upstate economy by increasing tourism through destination resorts and casinos. The fact is that gaming already exists throughout New York State, but the state is unable to fully capitalize on it. Native Americans have five casinos, Phase One casino gambling plan: three Upstate casinos City--the plan is to bring downstate New Yorkers and other visitors to Upstate.
  • The Gaming Commission will pick the best locations and the plan must have local government and community support.
  • Any revenue raised under the plan will be split
    Source: NY Rising 2013 State of the State booklet , Jan 9, 2013

    Reduce the crushing burden of unemployment & workers comp

    We must continue to reduce costs of doing business in the New New York. We must reduce the crushing burden of unemployment insurance and workers comp. You will hear this from almost every businessman in New York. We propose a reform of the workers comp program that would streamline the system. We would also reform the unemployment insurance program by ending borrowing to pay benefits for the first time in state history. It will reduce the cost to business while also increasing the benefits to workers for the first time since 1999. And it will save $1.3 billion to business, just think about that.
    Source: 2013 State of the State Speech to NY Legislature , Jan 9, 2013

    Current minimum wage is unlivable

    The current minimum wage is unlivable. It's only $14,616. The annual cost of gasoline is $1,200. The annual cost of electricity is $1,300. The annual cost of auto insurance is $1,400. The annual cost of groceries is $6,500. The annual cost of childcare is $10,000. The annual cost of housing is $15,000 on a minimum wage of $14,000. My friends, it does not add up. Nineteen other states have raised the minimum wage; we propose raising the minimum wage to $8.75 an hour. It's the right thing to do. It's the fair thing to do. It is long overdue. We should have done it last year. Let's do it this year.
    Source: 2013 State of the State Speech to NY Legislature , Jan 9, 2013

    Attack chronic unemployment among inner-city youth

    We attacked chronic, high unemployment among disadvantaged inner-city youth with an innovative jobs program that will provide immediate tax credits to businesses that hire our youth and will also provide training to make sure these youths are ready for employment. We restored New York's reputation as the progressive capital of the nation. We passed landmark achievements in social justice and economic justice.
    Source: 2012 New York State of the State Address , Jan 4, 2012

    Labor unions protect fairness at negotiation table

    We believe in economic justice. We believe that anyone who works full-time should live above poverty. We believe labor unions protect fairness at the negotiation tables. Because we believe that a rising tide must lift all boats, we believe in a tax system that creates opportunities for working people and promotes economic growth; we oppose a system that is stacked in favor of the privileged few who have the wherewithal and access to put their narrow interests above the public's interest.
    Source: Crossroads, by Andrew Cuomo, p. 64-65 , Oct 14, 2003

    Economic development must not shortchange workers’ rights

    Cuomo called for unionized labor in proposed Indian-owned gambling casinos in Buffalo and Niagara Falls. “There should be a guarantee that unions can organize at the new casinos. With the current deal, there are no guarantees and that raises serious questions.” Under the tentative pact, the state would allow slot machines in the casinos in return for up to 25 percent of the revenue from them.
    Source: Marc Humberg, AP (Albany) , Aug 9, 2001

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    Govt. Reform
    Gun Control
    Health Care
    Homeland Security
    Social Security
    Tax Reform

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