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View America as good, or dishonor our founding principles

A major difference in us conservatives and those on the political left is that we understand that the United States is not just historically a great nation, but we are a good nation. As Alexis de Tocqueville observed in the 19th-century, "America is great because she is good." Sadly, many on the left today do not view our nation as good. They dishonor our founding principles and our history. They willfully ignore that America has done more to spread freedom, resist tyranny, bring hope, opportunity, and prosperity, and relieve human suffering than any people who have ever lived.

The United States of America is a positive good in the world. But goodness without military power and the will to use it when necessary is impotence. Wise leadership today understands that the world is a dangerous place. It's dangerous because of the Hitler's, Stalin's, Castro's, Chavez's, Ahmadinejad's, and Osama bin Laden's of the world. People who hate human liberty, and place no value on human life.

Source: 2014 House campaign website, JodyHiceForCongress.com , May 20, 2014

World hates America for our immoral freedom

Today, much of the world looks at America with disdain and hatred. Why do they hate us? Hamas' foreign minister, Mahmood al-Zahar, said, "The West brought all this freedom to its people but it is that freedom that has brought about the death of morality in the West. It's what led to phenomena like homosexuality, homelessness and AIDS."

The Hamas chief is saying, "you Americans flaunt your freedom, but it is your freedom that has produced every unthinkable immorality." He believes the Islamic worldview is superior because it is more moral. Their culture will not tolerate such vile behavior as our 'freedoms' permit. He hates what our liberties have given to the world.

Unfortunately, in his criticism he has misdiagnosed the problem. The problem is not our FREEDOM; it has served us, and the world well for centuries. The problem is that we are trying to exercise liberty from a secular humanist worldview, and it does not work!

Source: Now Or Never: A Call to Reclaim America, by Jody Hice, p. 26 , Jan 13, 2012

Islamists are radical and dangerous national enemies

For those Muslims in America who have nothing to do with jihad, let them worship freely. But for those who follow the dictates of the Koran's radical teaching they must be viewed as national enemies. Their worldview will eventually lead to violent behavior because it is based on a teaching calling them to world control (caliphate) and to the destruction of our Constitution. All those who embrace the entire teachings of the Koran are radical and dangerous; they are 'Islamists.' Similarly, 'Islam' is much more than a religious belief, and must also be considered radical and dangerous! Believe me, radical Islam is already changing the way you live in America whether you are aware of it or not!
Source: It's Now Or Never, by Jody Hice, p.151-2 , Jan 13, 2012

2012 Governor, House and Senate candidates on Foreign Policy: Jody Hice on other issues:
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Left 113th Congress, 2013-2014:
AL-1: Jo Bonner(R,resigned)
FL-13:Bill Young(R,deceased)
FL-19:Trey Radel(R,arrested)
IL-2: Jesse L. Jackson(D,convicted)
LA-5: Rodney Alexander(R,resigned)
MA-5: Ed Markey(D,elected)
MO-8: Jo Ann Emerson(R,resigned)
NC-12:Mel Watt(D,appointed)
NJ-1: Rob Andrews(D,investigated)
SC-1: Tim Scott(R,appointed)

Newly-elected special elections 2013-2014:
AL-1: Bradley Byrne(R)
FL-13:David Jolly(R)
FL-19:Curt Clawson(R)
IL-2: Robin Kelly(D)
LA-5: Vance McAllister(R)
MA-5: Katherine Clark(D)
MO-8: Jason Smith(R)
NC-12: Pending Jul.15
NJ-1: Pending Nov.4
SC-1: Mark Sanford(R)
Won primary 2014:
GA-11:Barry Loudermilk(R)
MA-6 :Richard Tisei(R)
TX-4: John Ratcliffe(R)
VA-7: Dave Brat(R)

AL-6 :Gary Palmer(R)
AR-4 :Bruce Westerman(R)
CA-11:Mark DeSaulnier(R)
CA-33:Ted Lieu(D)
CA-35:Norma Torres(D)
CA-45:Mimi Walters(R)
CO-4 :Ken Buck(R)
GA-1 :Buddy Carter(R)
GA-10:Jody Hice(R)
IA-1 :Pat Murphy(D)
MI-4 :John Moolenaar(R)
MI-12:Debbie Dingell(D)
MI-14:Brenda Lawrence(D)
MN-6 :Tom Emmer(R)
NC-6 :Mark Walker(R)
NC-7 :David Rouzer(R)
NJ-12:Bonnie Watson Coleman(R)
NY-4 :Kathleen Rice(D)
OK-5 :Steve Russell(R)
PA-13:Brendan Boyle(D)
TX-36:Brian Babin(R)
UT-4 :Mia Love(R)
VA-8 :Don Beyer(D)

Retiring to run for Senate in 2014:
AR-4: Tom Cotton(R)
CO-4: Cory Gardner(R)
GA-1: Jack Kingston(R)
GA-10:Paul Broun(R)
GA-11:Phil Gingrey(R)
HI-1: Colleen Hanabusa(D)
IA-1: Bruce Braley(D)
LA-6: Bill Cassidy(R)
MI-14:Gary Peters(D)
MT-0: Steve Daines(R)
OK-5: James Lankford(R)
TX-36:Steve Stockman(R)
WV-2: Shelley Moore Capito(R)

Former Reps running for House in 2014:
CA-3: Doug Ose(R)
CA-31:Joe Baca(D)
HI-1: Charles Djou(R)
IL-10:Bob Dold(R)
IL-17:Bobby Schilling(R)
KS-4: Todd Tiahrt(R)
MI-4: Peter Konetchy(R)
MI-14:Hansen Clarke(D)
MS-4: Gene Taylor(D)
MT-0: Denny Rehberg(R)
NH-1: Frank Guinta(R)
NY-11:Vito Fossella(R)
NY-18:Nan Hayworth(R)
OH-7: John Boccieri(D)
PA-13:Marjorie Margolies(D)
TX-23:Francisco Canseco(R)
Lost primary 2014:
GA-11:Bob Barr(R)
MA-6: John Tierney(D)
TX-4: Ralph Hall(R)
VA-7: Eric Cantor(R)
MI-11:Kerry Bentivolio(R)

Retiring to run for State Office in 2014:
AR-2: Tim Griffin(R)
CA-35:Gloria McLeod(D)
ME-2: Mike Michaud(D)
PA-13:Allyson Schwartz(D)
VI-0: Donna Christensen(D)

Retiring effective Jan. 2015:
AL-6: Spencer Bachus(R)
AZ-7: Ed Pastor(D)
CA-11:George Miller(D)
CA-25:Howard McKeon(R)
CA-31:Gary Miller(R)
CA-33:Henry Waxman(D)
CA-45:John Campbell(R)
IA-3: Tom Latham(R)
MI-4: Dave Camp(R)
MI-6: Tom Petri(R)
MI-12:John Dingell(D)
MN-6: Michele Bachmann(R)
NC-6: Howard Coble(R)
NC-7: Mike McIntyre(D)
NJ-3: Jon Runyan(R)
NJ-12:Rush Holt(D)
NY-4: Carolyn McCarthy(D)
NY-21:Bill Owens(D)
PA-6: Jim Gerlach(R)
UT-4: Jim Matheson(D)
VA-8: James Moran(D)
VA-10:Frank Wolf(R)
WA-4: Doc Hastings(R)
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