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Edwards-Cheney Vice Presidential debate, Oct. 5, 2004

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Civil Rights
   Dick Cheney: Gay marriage should be an issue for the states.
   John Edwards: Allow gay couples to visit each other in the hospital.
   Dick Cheney: FactCheck: Cheney profited from Halliburton's past actions.
   Dick Cheney: FactCheck: Kerry plan affects 471,000 companies, not 900,000.
   John Edwards: FactCheck: Halliburton fined for actions while Cheney CEO.
   Dick Cheney: Cap non-economic damages and limit awards for attorneys.
   John Edwards: Put more responsibility on the lawyers, not the victims.
   John Edwards: We shouldn't take away the right of severely injured victims.
   John Edwards: FactCheck: NCLB might be under-funded, but it grew 58%.
   Dick Cheney: We are making significant progress with No Child Left Behind.
   John Edwards: No Child Left Behind is much underfunded.
Foreign Policy
   Dick Cheney: There has to be reform of the Palestinian system.
   Dick Cheney: Unilateral sanctions on Iran do not work.
   Dick Cheney: Gadhafi in Libya surrendered all nuclear materials to the US.
   John Edwards: Strengthen the sanctions on Iran.
   John Edwards: The Israelis do not have a partner for peace right now.
Health Care
   Dick Cheney: FactCheck: Claimed $15B for AIDS-actually $2B this year.
   Dick Cheney: We've made significant progress on the AIDS epidemic.
   Dick Cheney: Rising malpractice insurance rates is a devastating problem.
   Dick Cheney: The Medicare reform bill will help 40 million seniors.
   John Edwards: Support allowing prescription drugs into the US from Canada.
   John Edwards: Double the funding to fight the global AIDS epidemic.
Homeland Security
   John Edwards: FactCheck: Bush didn't lobby for pay cut, just let it expire.
   Dick Cheney: Deal with Zarqawi by taking him out.
   Dick Cheney: Captured or killed thousands of Al Qaida members.
   Dick Cheney: Use a very aggressive policy of going after the terrorists.
   John Edwards: We weren't attacked by Saddam Hussein.
   John Edwards: Attention to bin Laden was diverted because of Iraq.
   John Edwards: No connection between the attacks of 9/11 and Saddam Hussein.
   John Edwards: Important things haven't been done to make America safe.
   John Edwards: Bush opposed a 9/11 commission and a Homeland Security Dept.
   Dick Cheney: FactCheck: Yes, 1.7M jobs added, but still net loss of 0.9M.
   John Edwards: FactCheck: 1.6 million jobs lost ignores federal employment.
   Dick Cheney: Deal effectively with tax policy and reduce litigation costs.
   John Edwards: Get rid of tax cuts for companies sending jobs overseas.
   John Edwards: Keep tax cuts for middle class and pay down the debt.
Principles & Values
   Dick Cheney: FactCheck: Cheney wrong that he had not met Edwards before.
   Dick Cheney: The charges against Halliburton are false.
   John Edwards: We shouldn't use the Constitution to divide the country.
   John Edwards: Halliburton paid millions in fines for false financial data.
   John Edwards: The Bush administration has flip-flopped on many issues.
   John Edwards: Halliburton got a $7.5 billion no-bid contract in Iraq.
Tax Reform
   Dick Cheney: Small businesses will be hurt without the tax cuts.
   John Edwards: For more tax cuts for middle class, not multimillionaires.
   John Edwards: Bush has made millionaires pay a lower tax rate than others.
War & Peace
   Dick Cheney: FactCheck: Oct. 2002 vote for appropriate force, not for war.
   Dick Cheney: FactCheck: Iraqi portion of losses is 38%, not "almost 50%".
   Dick Cheney: FactCheck: Cheney DID suggest connection between Iraq & 9/11.
   John Edwards: FactCheck: US portion of coalition losses is 88%, not 90%.
   Dick Cheney: Never suggested there's a connection between Iraq and 9/11.
   Dick Cheney: We've made significant progress in Iraq.
   Dick Cheney: No link between Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Saddam Hussein.
   Dick Cheney: Sending more troops won't solve the problems in Iraq.
   John Edwards: Cheney has no answer for the failure to have adequate troops.
   John Edwards: Reports say there are not enough troops to secure Iraq.
   John Edwards: We were attacked by Osama bin Laden, not Saddam Hussein.
   John Edwards: Cheney keeps suggesting a connection between Iraq and 9/11.

The above quotations are from Edwards-Cheney Vice Presidential debate, Oct. 5, 2004 .

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