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Steve Forbes on Welfare & Poverty

2000 Republican Primary Candidate for President

Federal welfare is devolving to state and community

The tone of the welfare debate last year focused. on the fact that welfare is destroying the lives of the very people it was created to help. With less federal interference, many governors and mayors have been making dramatic reforms to help people move from welfare to work. They are urging churches, civic groups and local businesses to help educate and employ welfare recipients - and Americans are rising to the challenge. Welfare rolls nationwide have dropped by 25 percent since 1996.
Source: ďMoral CompassĒ , May 21, 1999

ĎHomestead Actí for tenants to own projects

In public housing, why not have a homestead act for the inner cities? Allow the tenants to have more control the possibility of owning those assets. Can they do a worse job in some of those projects than the housing authorities have done? I donít think so.
Source: Speech at Harvardís Kennedy School of Government , Nov 27, 1995

Charitable deduction gone under Flat Tax; but giving is not

On charities, the flat taxís very simplicity means the deductions go away. Americans donít need to be bribed by the tax code to give money. We were known as a generous nation, as one with an extraordinary array of charitable activities, long before we had the federal income tax. When people have more, they give more. When the flat tax is fully implemented, fund raisers will pitch the worth of the charity [rather than] this is a great way to save on taxes. We will see the revival of civic virtue.
Source: Speech at Harvardís Kennedy School of Government , Nov 27, 1995

Supports Enterprise Zones as welfare opportunity

I have long supported enterprise zones. I think itís terrible after 20 years the ideaís been around, and yet tax codes, obstacles & regulations, the red tape have not been cleared. I link that to welfare reform. I link that too, to parental control of education. I link that to tenant control of public housing. I see it all together and leading to a more vibrant America. In other words, turn opportunity, from a passive to an operative active word.
Source: Speech at Harvardís Kennedy School of Government , Nov 27, 1995

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