Rudy Giuliani on Families & Children

Give Elian citizenship; decide fate in family court

Rudy Giuliani maintains that Elian Gonzalez should be granted US citizenship and that any custody issues should be handled in family court.
Elian was rescued in November after the boat he was on sank. His mother drowned in the attempt to flee Cuba. Elian has been living with Miami relatives who have refused to allow him to leave, although the INS has ruled that Elian belongs with his Cuban father.
Source: Associated Press in Washington Post, p. A3 Apr 2, 2000

Good jobs build good families-we’ve created 360,000 jobs

The foundation of our freedom depends on steady, good-paying jobs because jobs keep our neighborhoods strong and our families together. But when jobs aren’t there and our children have to move away, it can be devastating. That’s why we pulled together and got moving, by creating 360,000 new jobs, convincing major employers not to move and by cutting billions in unfair taxes.
Source: Television ad in upstate NY Feb 8, 2000

Child Protection should move toward permanent foster homes

For a child who’s been abused or neglected, and has to be taken away from parent permanently, foster care is not the right answer permanently for that child. The right answer is a permanent home in which the child can have someone that loves and cares for him or her. [The Administration for Children Services] can not protect all children, but [we] are moving in the right direction.
Source: State of City Address, New York City Jan 13, 2000

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