Rudy Giuliani on Budget & Economy

Economic development requires maintenance

Economic development is not just building new things. Part of the art of economic development is preserving what you have. Sometimes the City has not done a good job of preserving what it has. Throughout the last century, we have not consistently preserved our subways, our highways, and our bridges. In the last fifteen years, we have paid the price for that in the form of huge capital budgets and expenditures for the cost of finance in our capital budgets. We pulled the money out of maintenance to deal with the financial crisis. That’s one of the big mistakes. We should learn from that mistake and not repeat it.
Source: State of City Address, New York City Jan 13, 2000

Fiscal responsibility turned $2B deficit into $2B surplus

NYC government used to be renowned for its heavy taxation, chronic mismanagement and anti-business philosophy. Between 1990 & 1993 this resulted in the loss of over 320,000 jobs and a $2 billion budget deficit. Under Rudy Giuliani’s leadership, the city has embraced a philosophy of fiscal responsibility. Taxes have been reduced by $2.3 billion and at the same time the City has turned the $2 billion dollar deficit into a $2 billion budget surplus. As a result of this philosophical shift, businesses are reinvesting in the City at a record rate. Over the past 5 years the City has gained more than 305,000 jobs, marking the highest rate of private sector job growth in the city history. In fact, Fortune magazine named NYC “the most improved North American City for business.” The City’s renewed pro-business stance, tax incentives & crime reductions have allowed for new businesses to develop in areas of the city that had struggled in the past, as existing businesses have grown and prospered.
Source:, “Proven Leadership” web site Dec 9, 1999

Record tourism based on revitalization

In 1998, the City had a record 34 million visitors, which continued a record setting 3-year trend. Last year, tourism contributed over $14 billion to NYC’s economy. The revitalization of Times Square has led to Broadway’s most successful year to date. With the reduction of the Hotel Occupancy Tax, hotel business is booming. The City opened more than 8 brand new hotels, including the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Brooklyn. This was the first new hotel built in Brooklyn in 50 years.
Source:, “Proven Leadership” web site Dec 9, 1999

Entertainment revitalization contributes to economy

Source:, “Proven Leadership” web site Dec 9, 1999

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