John Hagelin on Budget & Economy

2000 Natural Law Party Nominee for President


Ideas drive growth--tap creativity via education

In today’s information-based economy, intelligence and creativity-innovation and ideas-drive economic growth. Clearly, America’s most precious natural resource is our human resource-the unlimited creative potential of our 270 million citizens. The most crucial economic strategy that government can adopt is to harness America’s untapped creativity. So I would support proven education, job training and apprenticeship programs that develop intelligence and creativity and prevent school dropouts.
Source: www.Hagelin.org, ‘What Hagelin will do’ , Apr 1, 2000

GDP inadequately measures quality of life

The GDP is not a very good measure of national wealth. The Gross Domestic Product simply measures the flow of wealth. When, for example, a disaster strikes that wipes out half of Florida and emergency aid is given out of our tax dollars to clean up some of that mess, that all is considered to be a contribution to the GDP. Given that, the GDP doesn’t seem to reflect quality of life in America. It counts disasters; it counts everything.
Source: Natural Law Party National Convention , Aug 24, 1996

Lessened taxation best for higher growth

Growth is stimulated first and foremost by lifting the tax burden. We should let people keep more of their own money to invest in their own education and spending and saving, and for companies to invest in R&D and job creation. By leaving that money in the hands of the people who can use it best, our citizens and businesses, and not the government, our economy will grow.
Source: Natural Law Party National Convention , Aug 24, 1996

Restore fiscal growth policy over monetary policy

Many are concerned, including the Federal Reserve, about growth. They don’t want the economy to grow, because in recent history growth means inflation. Every time the economy looks like it’s about to grow, the Federal Reserve puts the brakes on it. They raise interest rates, tightening the monetary supply, causing less spending. That’s monetary policy. There has only been monetary for the last 20 years. Fiscal policy is in a state of atrophy.
Source: Natural Law Party National Convention , Aug 24, 1996

Enterprise zones can aid inner cities

We need to focus economic growth to the areas of the country that have been most neglected, our inner-city urban environments. You can focus growth by targeting specific areas, certain cities and areas within cities, as enterprise zones. In those zones you can give, for example, a capital gains tax cut or offer Federally insured loans for startup companies to give those companies and the creative members of those communities the resources they need start up an enterprise.
Source: Natural Law Party National Convention , Aug 24, 1996

More $ for environment; crime prevention; health care

Source: 2000 National Political Awareness Test , Jan 13, 2000

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