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Tolerate gay marriage, even if you think itís immoral

Gay marriage doesnít affect anyone except the two people involved. The government has no right to involve itself by making laws concerning a private relationship. It seems to me that marriage is one of the most fundamental rights that we have as people, and that right shouldnít be infringed at all. Regardless of your views on homosexuality, itís a separate argument whether you should have the right to impose your views on other people.

Buchananís view that gay marriage is ďimmoralĒ and therefore that it should be banned indicates a basic misunderstanding of civil rights. He can think itís immoral and I wouldnít oppose him; but when he says it should be banned BECAUSE he thinks itís immoral, then I oppose him in every way possible. Buchananís position here indicates that his basic viewpoint is that the majority morality should supercede individual rights. Thatís the REAL issue of gay marriage, as far as Iím concerned -- not anything to do at all with sex or morality.

Source: Issues2000.org, ďAmerica Asks About Politics: IssuesĒ , Jun 22, 2000

No Confederate flags on state houses; ďMemorialsĒ ok

Q: Isnít the Confederate flag a part of history?

A: The controversy is not about whether it was a valid flag of the Confederacy. Itís disingenuous to pretend that thatís really the issue. The controversy is about whether itís right for an official state office to fly a flag which indicates support for the oppression of blacks.

No one denies you the right to personally fly the flag of your choice in your home. For that matter, no one denies you the right to argue for the suppression of the rights of blacks. But should a state government be allowed to make the same statement, with the same implications?

All the confederate flags Iíve seen in official places in the South have been carefully placed as part of ďCivil War Memorials.Ē I think thatís a reasonable compromise-the Confederate flag can fly on the lawn (but not on the roof) of city halls, where thereís a plaque about the Civil War. That acknowledges history while not expressing explicit state support of the confederacy.

Source: Issues2000.org, ďAmerica Asks About Politics: IssuesĒ , Mar 29, 2000

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