Jesse Gordon on China

Censure Beijing in UN for Tiananmen; link MFN & human rights

Bush’s “Most Favored Nation” trading policy with China should be terminated; economic interaction should be linked to strict human rights observance; the US should lead a UN General Assembly censure of China for its actions in Tiananmen Square; and we should encourage Chinese political reformers, in China and in the US, to speak out freely. Such a policy would actively foster the move away from totalitarianism and towards freedom.
Source: “Spectrum”: The Capital of Capitalism May 2, 1992

Limit contact with Beijing to diplomatic ties only

I foresee two possible paths for Hong Kong. The pessimistic path assumes that the Chinese government survives in essentially its current form; in that case, the people of Hong Kong will see their individual rights progressively deteriorate, and eventually their economic rights will be usurped as well. The optimistic path assumes that the existing Chinese government falls; in that case, Hong Kong will lead a reform movement towards democratization and freedom in all of China. The government is subject to fall during the power struggle ensuing after each leader of the government gerontocracy dies. With any luck, they could all die before Hong Kong loses too much freedom. However, if the Beijing government is strengthened by political and economic ties with the West, it could survive the upcoming power struggles intact. For that reason, I believe the US government should limit its contact with Beijing to formal diplomatic ties only.
Source: “Spectrum”: The Capital of Capitalism May 2, 1992

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