Hillary Clinton on Defense

Supports funding research on missile defense

Hillary Clinton said she would vote for a nuclear test ban treaty and to fund research for a missile defense system, she said.
Source: Dean Murphy, NY Times Oct 20, 2000

Nixon should have been impeached for bombing Cambodia

In Hillary’s opinion, Nixon was “evil.” [An office-mate during her time on the Watergate Committee] says that she believed that Nixon should be prosecuted or impeached not just over Watergate but over his conduct during the Vietnam War, specifically his order for the secret bombing in Cambodia, which she saw as immoral and even criminal. She argued forcefully for a broader definition of the legal justification for impeachment--a position that would come back to haunt her [with Bill Clinton].
Source: Hillary’s Choice by Gail Sheehy, p. 90 Dec 9, 1999

A safe world needs the nuclear test ban treaty

Signing [the nuclear test ban] treaty would have been taking a giant step to creating a world of peace. New York has a long a proud tradition of senators from both parties realizing that our fight against nuclear proliferation, nuclear testing, nuclear weaponry and an attempt to have a comprehensive test ban treaty is not a partisan issue. New York’s next Senator must not turn away from the world by saying no to a treaty that is so critical to our future.
Source: Remarks at the Antioch Baptist Church, Hempstead Sep 16, 1999

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