Alan Keyes on Budget & Economy

Canít address budget deficit until we address moral deficit

I have fought for fiscal issues, and we must continue to fight together to see them through. But there is not a single fiscal problem, not a single thing on which we are wasting our dollars in this country today that will be resolved if we let our character be destroyed. We will never balance the budget, and we will never capture the problem of the deficit if we do not balance our hearts, if we do not tackle the moral deficit that is destroying our families, corrupting our children.
Source: United We Stand America Conference, p.350 Aug 12, 1995

More $ for defense, NASA, parks; less for Ag, educ, arts

Source: 2000 NPAT Jan 13, 2000

Enforce spending limits to balance the budget

Source: 2000 NPAT Jan 13, 2000

Amend the Constitution to limit borrowing and spending.

We must take away the governmentís credit card. With limits on both tax revenue and borrowing, the Federal government would finally be forced to get serious about spending cuts. Thatís why a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, with barriers to both borrowing and spending, is the best way to secure budget discipline.
Source: 1/7/99 Jan 7, 1999

Seeing people merely as consumers is bad for moral fiber

People are beginning to trace the sources of Americaís social and economic ills to the sad disrepair of our societyís moral infrastructure. Liberals are talking about welfare reform that encourages the work ethic instead of undermining it. Economic conservatives are acknowledging the role that moral discipline plays in wealth creation.

In both cases, the key insight comes from seeing people as producers, rather than passive consumers. When economic activity seduces people into seeing themselves primarily in the latter role, itís just as bad for moral fiber as rampant welfare dependency.

Where consumption is the law and the prophets, self-discipline is heresy. The mass consumption economy needs full-fledged earners with desires untrammeled by any limiting sense of obligation to others. It thrives on people who acquire the skills to earn, but who remain emotionally single and self-centered.

Source: Our Character, Our Future, p. 24-5 May 2, 1996

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