Alan Keyes on China

Clarifying commitment to Taiwan avoids Chinese attack

Q: What would you do if Taiwan declared independence, & the Chinese began to fire missiles?
A: We have to make clear to the Chinese that we intend to make good on our pledges to safeguard the security of Taiwan. A move like that wouldn’t happen without a preceding crisis, in which I would have demonstrated, through the placement of our forces, that we intended to make good on our commitment. To avoid that eventuality, we should stop sending confusing signals about our resolve with respect to Taiwan.
Source: New Hampshire GOP Debates Dec 3, 1999

Military intervention to ensure Taiwan’s self-determination

I would put in place the kind of anti-missile defenses that can be extended as an umbrella to protect Taiwan when they come under threats [from China]. Self-determination, allowing people to decide their own destiny, has been fundamental to American foreign policy for decades. We should certainly stand for it where the Taiwanese are concerned. We should make it clear that any [attack by] the Communist Chinese would, in fact, mean a military confrontation with the United States.
Source: New Hampshire GOP Debates Dec 3, 1999

An egregious abuser of human life and human rights

The Beijing women’s conference is a travesty. The venue is bad, since the Chinese government continues to be an egregious abuser of human life and human rights. The document is bad since it includes many of the culture of death priorities of the Clintons (abortion, condom distribution, assaults on motherhood, etc.).
Source: Interview on CompuServe Sep 6, 1995

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