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Mike Johanns on Abortion

Secretary of Agriculture; previously Republican NE Governor

Don't let judges decide on partial birth abortion

When the Nebraska Legislature overwhelmingly voted to end partial birth abortion, a liberal judge decided they were wrong and overturned our law. That's a trend that is all too common. Judges must fairly interpret the law, not use a liberal bias to make a political statement, or pursue an activist agenda. I will support conservative judges who interpret our laws based on the constitution. I believe we are a nation of laws and values and our courts must reflect those principles.
Source: Campaign website,, "Issues" Mar 2, 2008

Partial-birth abortion is a barbaric practice

I ask the Legislature to make a bold commitment to honor the life of the unborn. I, like many in our state, was saddened by the US Supreme Court decision striking down Nebraska’s law banning partial-birth abortion. My review of this decision tells me that until there is a change on the Court, there is no meaningful hope of ending this barbaric practice.

However, we are not powerless in this area, I ask you to strengthen parental notification by sending legislation introduced by Senator Quandahl to my desk for signature. And in every way possible, I ask you to help me promote adoption as an alternative to abortion. In addition, I repeat my commitment to sign into law a ban on the use of fetal cells in research that are derived from elective abortion. I also ask you to pass fetal homicide legislation for my signature as other states have done.

Source: State of the State Address to Nebraska Legislature Jan 11, 2001

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