Mike Johanns on Tax Reform

Secretary of Agriculture; previously Republican NE Governor

As governor I opposed higher taxes; will do same in Senate

As governor I balanced budgets, held the line on spending, vetoed bills that wasted your money, and I opposed higher taxes. In the Senate I will do the same. I will work to lower taxes to keep our economy growing, create new jobs and ensure that you keep more of your hard earned money for your family's budget, not the federal budget.
Source: Campaign website, www.XXX.com, "Issues" Mar 2, 2008

$60M in property tax relief over next two years

Keeping true to my pledge of providing direct property tax relief, I am asking the Legislature to approve $60 million dollars over the next two years for property tax relief through the Stateís community colleges. We have funded this method of providing direct property tax relief in each of the last two years. It has been successful and we should continue this effort.
Source: State of the State Address to Nebraska Legislature Jan 11, 2001

No national sales tax or VAT.

Johanns adopted the National Governors Association policy:

Source: NGA Executive Committee Policy Statement EC-9 00-NGA1 on Feb 15, 2000

Let states independently determine estate taxes.

Johanns adopted a letter to Congressional leaders from 37 Governors:

We are writing to request equal treatment between states and the federal government on estate tax changes. Regardless of oneís view about phasing out the federal estate tax, the Governors are absolutely united in opposing any action that would discriminate against states in the phase-out of the state and federal estate taxes. This issue needs to be addressed before the Senate goes to conference with the House.

Governors believe that the ability of states to independently determine their own tax revenue policy is a basic tenet of federalism. Moreover, no federal tax bill should be enacted without close consultation with the states.

At the very least, there must be equity in the treatment of the state death tax credit in the tax bill the Congress considers with the proposed phase-out of the federal estate tax. Governors oppose provisions that impose disproportionate impacts on state revenue systems. The changes proposed by the Senate would have abrupt, significant adverse impacts on state revenues at a particularly onerous time for many states. The potential impact on states would begin next year and have a potential impact of between $50 and $100 billion over the next ten years.

We urge the leaders to respect those rights and to restore fairness.

Source: National Governor's Association letter to Congress 01-NGA19 on May 23, 2001

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