Michael Chertoff on Immigration

Director of Homeland Security

Illegal immigrants cleaned his DC home; fined $22,880

Many agents trace cutting corners to the Secret Service's absorption into DHS. Michael Chertoff himself, secretary of DHS, contributed to the lowering of standards in a very personal way. In 2008, the DHS's Immigration and Customs Enforcement fined James Reid $22,880 for allegedly employing illegal immigrants when his cleaning company worked at Chertoff 's home and at other Washington homes.

That did not make sense, since Secret Service agents protecting Chertoff would have been expected to check the background--including citizenship--of anyone allowed in the DHS secretary's home. But while the Secret Service initially performed routine screening, the secretary's wife "admonished agents for 'hassling' the workers." Agents in charge bowed to Mrs. Chertoff 's wishes. As a result, "no name checks were done for some time," an agent says. When checks were done, "It was obvious the workers were providing bogus identifying information, but the agents, out of fear of Mrs. Chertoff, allowed them through.

Source: In the President`s Secret Service, by R. Kessler, p.177-178 , Jun 29, 2009

Deploy technology and biometrics to keep bad people out

On the issue of visas for foreign students, weve already taken some steps in terms of lengthening the stay period. Dangerous people have abused the student visa system. We have to figure out a way to weed them out but then also welcome the rest of the world. Technology and biometrics, properly deployed, actually is the way to achieve both of those goals - to vet people to make sure were keeping bad people out, but then to be able to give them a freer ability to go back and forth.
Source: Testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee , Apr 13, 2005

Added over 500 Border Patrol agents for border security

At the border, we added over 500 Border Patrol agents. We moved them into Arizona as part of our Arizona Border Control Initiative. And that was very successful last year. We hope it will be successful again. Weve got sensors. Were working on getting UAVs stood up over the summer. This is a big concern of American citizens, rightfully so. Weve got to put a package together of having temporary worker effort, but also stepped up and smarter enforcement is exactly the approach that we need to take.
Source: Testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee , Apr 13, 2005

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