Mel Martinez on Foreign Policy

Republican Jr Senator (FL); previously Secretary of H.U.D.


No permission from abroad for military actions

America must wage and win the war on terrorism. I am committed to this effort and to providing whatever funding and resources are needed towards this goal. I believe our country must reserve the right to preemptive action and not wait to be attacked before acting to protect us. As Florida’s next U.S. Senator I will always work hard to gain international support for our military actions, but will never condition our ability to act on permission from any other nation or international organization.
Source: 2004 Congressional National Political Awareness Test , Oct 14, 2004

Block funding for coerced abortions or sterilization

Martinez will block the use of US funds by the UN for coerced abortions or sterilization.
Source: 2004 Senate campaign website, MelforSenate.org, “Issues” , Jul 2, 2004

Oppose aid to countries that don’t support US foreign policy

Martinez will: support efforts to target those nations and organizations that sponsor terrorism; support Israel as our steadfast ally against anti-American terrorists in the Middle East; and oppose foreign aid to those countries that consistently refuse to support US foreign policies.
Source: 2004 Senate campaign website, MelforSenate.org, “Issues” , Jul 2, 2004

Voted YES on cooperating with India as a nuclear power.

Congressional Summary:US-India Nuclear Cooperation Approval and Nonproliferation Enhancement Act:

Proponent's argument to vote Yes:Rep. HOWARD BERMAN (D, CA-28): Integrating India into a global nonproliferation regime is a positive step. Before anyone gets too sanctimonious about India's nuclear weapons program, we should acknowledge that the five recognized nuclear weapons states have not done nearly enough to fulfill their commitments under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, including making serious reductions in their own arsenals, nor in the case of the US in ratifying the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

Opponent's argument to vote No:Rep. BARBARA LEE (D, CA-9): In withholding my approval, I seek not to penalize the people of India but, rather, to affirm the principle of nuclear nonproliferation. Jettisoning adherence to the international nuclear nonproliferation framework that has served the world so well for more than 30 years, as approval of the agreement before us would do, is just simply unwise. It is also reckless.

Approval of this agreement undermines our efforts to dissuade countries like Iran and North Korea from developing nuclear weapons. By approving this agreement, all we are doing is creating incentives for other countries to withdraw from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Reference: US-India Nuclear Agreement; Bill HR.7081 ; vote number 2008-S211 on Oct 1, 2008

Condemns Russia for provocative statements to Georgia.

Martinez co-sponsored condemning Russia for provocative statements to Georgia

A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate regarding provocative and dangerous statements made by the Government of the Russian Federation that undermine the territorial integrity of the Republic of Georgia.

Legislative Outcome: Related bills: H.RES.1166 & S.RES.418; Agreed to by Senate; Passed/agreed to in House, by recorded vote: 390-23 (Roll no. 269).
Source: Resolution on South Ossetia (S. RES. 550) 08-SR550 on May 2, 2008

Urge Venezuela to re-open dissident radio & TV stations.

Martinez co-sponsored urging Venezuela to re-open dissident radio & TV stations

Source: Radio Caracas Resolution (S.RES.211) 2007-SR211 on May 21, 2007

Condemn Iran for state-sponsored persecution of Baha'i.

Martinez signed bill condemning Iran for persecution of Baha'i

    Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Senate and House of Representatives
  1. condemns the Government of Iran for its state-sponsored persecution of its Baha'i minority and its continued violation of the International Covenants on Human Rights;
  2. calls on the Government of Iran to immediately release the seven leaders and all other prisoners held solely on account of their religion; and
  3. calls on the President and Secretary of State, in cooperation with the international community, to immediately condemn Iran's continued violation of human rights.
    Source: SR71&HR175 2009-SR71 on Feb 13, 2009

    Pressure friendly Arab states to end Israeli boycott.

    Martinez signed Schumer-Graham letter to Secy. Rice from 79 Congress members

      Dear Secretary Rice,
      In the past, the lack of sufficient support from [non-participating] Arab states have made it difficult to reach agreements [on the Arab-Israeli conflict]. You should press friendly Arab countries that have not yet done so, to:
    1. Participate in the upcoming international meeting and be a full partner of the US in advancing regional peace
    2. Take visible, meaningful steps in the financial, diplomatic and political arena to help Palestinian President Abbas govern effectively and meet obligations to fight terror
    3. Stop support for terrorist groups and cease all anti-Israel and anti-Jewish incitement
    4. Recognize Israel's right to exist and not use such recognition as a bargaining chip for future Israeli concessions
    5. End the Arab League economic boycott of Israel in all of its forms
    6. Pressure Hamas to recognize Israel, reject terror, and accept prior agreements, and isolate Hamas until it takes such steps.
    Source: Schumer-Graham letter to Secy. Rice from 79 Congress members 2010-LT-AR on Oct 2, 2007

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