Margaret Spellings on Education

Secretary of Education

Creationism should be taught along with Evolution

Q: How can creationism be taught from a factual basis? Are you implying that events in the Bible should be taught in the public schools as literal history?

A: I can tell you that in Texas we did go through this issue, when Bush was governor and I was working for him. The curriculum says basically that both points of view are taught from a factual basis. My recollection from my Texas days is that both points of view were presented.

Source: Interview with Deborah Solomon in NY Times , May 22, 2005

No Child Left Behind works

In states all over our country, children are scoring higher on state reading and math tests, and the achievement gap between African-American, Hispanic and low-income students and their white peers is beginning to close. We must build on the policy foundation that has been laid in NCLB. We must address the issues of affordability and accessibility by revamping the student aid system to better meet the needs of today’s college students, two thirds of whom are non-traditional students.
Source: Speech at Senate confirmation hearing , Jan 6, 2005

NCLB act is modeled after her reforms in Texas

Spellings ties to Bush go back to the late 1980s, when he was first considering a run for governor of Texas and she was a lobbyist for the state school boards association. As Bush’s educational adviser in Texas, Spellings was responsible for overseeing many accountability reforms that later served as a model for the No Child Left Behind legislation. One of those reforms was a campaign to order schools to stop 3rd-graders from moving up to 4th grade if they were unable to meet state reading standards.
Source: Washington Post , Nov 18, 2004

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