Janet Reno on Technology

Former Attorney General; Democratic Challenger FL Governor


Government & industry should join to fight Internet crime

Reno announced plans in 1999 to improve Internet security by encouraging companies and federal agencies to work together. In February of 2000, when some of the largest Internet sites were invaded and temporarily disabled by hackers, the Justice Department and the FBI were working with private industry to identify the computer vandals. She is looking into remedies and criminal charges that can be applied in computer crimes.
Source: Encyclopedia of World Biography, 2nd ed.; Gale Group , Jan 1, 1999

Coordinate national fight against Internet and other scams

Q: What about fraud against the elderly?

A: I think fraud against the elderly is a significant problem. We have seen it in telemarketing and mail fraud. We also see it in some groups that provide home repairs. What we want to do is work with AARP and other organizations to make sure that we provide information on scams that cut across state lines, that we work with the National Association of Attorneys General and the National District Attorneys Association.

Source: AARP Interview , Oct 1, 1997

Use technology to help people and bring them together

Do not let the technology that has emerged in this century rule you; make sure that you rule the technology, and that you see that it is used to help others. People are intimidated by the Internet, or by cyperspace. You in those areas can make sure that these new technologies are used to bring us together, to improve our lives.
Source: Commencement Speech, Eleanor Roosevelt H.S., Greenbelt MD , Jun 1, 1996

Fight cybercrime with education, expertise, and knowledge

Today we are announcing the formation of a “Cybercitizen Partnership,” a partnership between the Department of Justice and computer industries. I am pleased to announce three initiatives. First, we will begin a new educational campaign targeting the nation’s youth on the appropriate use of computers and the Internet. Second, we are establishing a personnel exchange program between law enforcement and the computer industry. Finally, we will create a “Yellow Pages” of the computer industry.
Source: Speech at ITAA “Cybercitizen” Policy Summit , Mar 15, 1995

Crack down on TV violence if networks won’t self-censor

On bills that would regulate violent programming on TV, Reno testified that any of the bills would pass constitutional muster; she concluded by threatening the networks with a crackdown if they didn’t begin policing themselves. “There is no single answer to the problem of violence. But TV is so dominant in people’s lives today that it must be regarded as a factor. TV violence has become a central theme to the lives of our young people”. The average sixth grader has seen 10,000 acts of violence on TV.
Source: Doing the Right Thing, by Paul Anderson, p.264-265 , Oct 20, 1993

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