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Colorado Senate Debates, Oct. 10 and Oct. 30, 2004

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Cory Gardner: No Personhood Amendment; birth control over-the-counter.
    Cory Gardner: Sell contraceptives over-the-counter to avoid Hobby Lobby.
    Ken Buck: Opposes abortion rights, even in cases of rape and incest.
Budget & Economy
    Michael Bennet: Stimulus bill avoided Depression; now we need infrastructure.
    Ken Buck: We spent $787B on stimulus with nothing to show for it.
    Michael Bennet: Stimulus bill limited because recession worse than expected.
    Bob Schaffer: $700B bailout is dead hand of government making things worse.
    Bob Schaffer: Congressí 2007 laws made private sector pay for bailout.
    Bob Schaffer: $700 billion bailout is necessary but essentially a tax.
    Mark Udall: Financial bailout results from Reagan & Bush GOP policies.
    Mark Udall: $700 billion bailout is not good for my constituents.
Civil Rights
    Ken Buck: Won't compare gays to alcoholics again; better candidate now.
    Ken Buck: Buck "mis-spoke" comparing homosexuality to alcoholism.
    Ken Buck: Birth influences homosexuality like it influences alcoholism.
    Ken Buck: Being gay is a choice, but birth has an influence.
    Ken Buck: Don't-ask-don't-tell policy makes a lot of sense.
    Michael Bennet: Opposition to homosexuality is an outdated views of society.
    Ken Buck: Small business can turn economy around with lower tax burden.
    Mark Udall: No welfare for CEOs in financial bailout.
    Ken Buck: 2006: Declined to prosecute "buyer's remorse" date-rape case.
    Owen Hill: Eliminate the Department of Education.
    Bob Schaffer: More competition needed in higher-ed loan-making.
    Mark Udall: More money for government-run college aid programs.
Energy & Oil
    Mark Udall: We're prepared to put a price on carbon.
    Bob Schaffer: Federal government rakes in funds from high energy prices.
    Mark Udall: We need comprehensive plan, not just oil & gas development.
    Ken Buck: Protect rural water supplies like Arkansas River basin.
    Michael Bennet: $5 million to begin work on the Arkansas Valley Conduit.
Free Trade
    Bob Schaffer: Reducing repatriation tax pumps capital into economy.
    Mark Udall: Reducing repatriation tax rewards sending jobs overseas.
Government Reform
    Owen Hill: Stick to the enumerated powers our founding fathers gave us.
    Ken Buck: Not, repeat not, for repealing the 17th Amendment.
    Pete Coors: The 527 loophole is also a freedom of speech.
Health Care
    Cory Gardner: Ebola: immediate ban on all travel from West African.
    Amy Stephens: AmyCare was lesser of 2 evils to exempt state from ObamaCare.
    Mark Udall: AdWatch: Targeted by RNC robocalls for support of ObamaCare.
    Michael Bennet: I back fiscally sound measures, including Medicare cuts.
    Ken Buck: $500B savings in Medicare is heart of health care reform.
    Michael Bennet: $500B savings in Medicare is heart of health care reform.
Homeland Security
    Mark Udall: FactCheck: Yes, NSA can collect phone records on Americans.
    Ken Buck: No eminent domain for 238,000-acre Trinidad training site.
    Michael Bennet: No expansion option for 238,000-acre Trinidad training site.
    Ken Salazar: Implement the reforms recommended by the 9/11 Commission now.
    Pete Coors: Weíll never have perfect security in the US.
    Pete Coors: Important to check baggage and freight.
    Pete Coors: We should be more worried about Iran and North Korea.
    Pete Coors: Scrutinize the massive intelligence failures in the US.
    Pete Coors: Get people in a coalition thatís been working with the enemy.
    Cory Gardner: I support the DREAM Act & some form of legalized work status.
    Ken Buck: More Border Patrol; finish the fence.
    Michael Bennet: More National Guard troops on border; then amnesty.
    Ken Buck: People with two misdemeanors disqualified for citizenship.
    Michael Bennet: Sponsor and enthusiastic support of the DREAM Act.
    Bob Schaffer: Opposes sanctuary cities; help local police enforce law.
    Mark Udall: Program for illegal immigrants to come out of the shadows.
    Ken Salazar: Give benefits to children of longtime illegal immigrants.
    Pete Coors: Give no benefits to children of longtime illegal immigrants.
    Michael Bennet: Opposes Employee Free Choice Act & card-check.
Principles & Values
    Randy Baumgardner: Skipped GOP primary debate sponsored by Denver Post.
    Ken Buck: Tea Party is based on frustration, not racism.
    Ken Buck: I will not swear allegiance to the Republican party.
    Ken Salazar: Kerry is somebody who I support.
Social Security
    Ken Buck: Give younger workers option to invest in separate retirement.
Tax Reform
    Ken Buck: Extend Bush tax cuts & cut spending to pay for it.
    Michael Bennet: Cut taxes $12B on small businesses.
    Michael Bennet: Open to compromise on temporarily extending Bush tax cuts.
    Bob Schaffer: Cutting taxes increased revenue & unleashed economic growth.
War & Peace
    Ken Buck: No deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan.
    Michael Bennet: Commit to bring home troops from Afghanistan in July 2011.
    Ken Buck: Don't allow Iran to obtain nukes, even via military.
    Ken Buck: Afghanistan war ok; nation-building not ok.
    Michael Bennet: Afghan exit after al-Qaida groups destroyed in Pakistan.
    Bob Schaffer: Surge is working; but it might take years.
    Mark Udall: Proposed votes against the declaration of war.
    Mark Udall: Surge has helped, but itís time to leave Iraq.
    Pete Coors: Support adding more troops, oppose setting a war deadline.
    Ken Salazar: Bush was not for a Department of Homeland Security.
    Ken Salazar: We have a mess on our hands in Iraq.
    Pete Coors: Go with the best intelligence you have.

The above quotations are from Colorado Senate Debates, Oct. 10 and Oct. 30, 2004.

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