JL Mealer on Immigration


Privately built "Immigration motels" in no-man's land

Q: Should illegal immigrants be deported, allowed to stay, or some mix?

A: The MEALER Immigration Policy will, without a doubt create millions of US jobs, in a series of privately owned and built "motels" which join US Visa and Immigration stations between spaces of no man's land and the soon to be full length privately built border fence along the border in AZ, NM, TX, and CA. Much of the new building projects with be strategically placed to intercept major drug trafficking routes and manned electronically if not physically. Full towns will grow to support the Immigration Motels and many will be built with private money within existing cities including major cities such as Chicago, New York, etc. The cost to return a single Mexican to Mexico is $4000. A single Pole to Poland is $10,000. A single Ukranian to the Ukraine is $20,000. My plan makes total fiscal sense and creates millions of jobs.

Source: Email interview on presidential race with OnTheIssues , Jan 22, 2012

Earn citizenship via the Mealer Immigration Policy

Q: What is your opinion on the statement, "Illegal immigrants earn citizenship"?

A: SUPPORT but only via the Mealer Immigration Policy which details very clearly the path to US citizenship through a method where Americans are put back to work, the migrants and the illegal immigrants hiding within the states would be lead through an Ellis Island series of Hotels (creating millions of American jobs) where they can meet the requirements "or not."

Source: AmericansElect email questionnaire on presidential race , Sep 27, 2011

End Mexican drug trade by path to citizenship

With the Mealer Immigration Policy in place, with a path to US citizenship, drug routes from Mexico to the US would be blocked by private developments incorporating federally managed passage and the Coyotes would no longer be dropping illegals in the desert to die or holding them for ransom in stash houses
Source: AmericansElect email questionnaire on presidential race , Sep 27, 2011

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