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No-profit healthcare: push Federal Health Insurance Bank

In my plan called 'no-profit healthcare': Medical Care providers and staff are allowed to deduct all taxable expenses for healthcare given to those without insurance while also operating as a for profit company while working either or both within and/or without community nonprofit healthcare companies, including urging Congress to adopt a Federal Health Insurance Bank which is insured much like the FDIC insures deposits, allowing tax payers to bank portions of their retirement into accounts that may also [by choice] be put into commodity trading and investment programs to help grow the accts. Upon premature death of the individual the funds are transferred per living will or to the public. There must be a mandate of ZERO profit in providing medications, equipment, devices that were researched, created and developed with government Fed grants (US taxpayer funds), and this alone would drop the outrageous rates for certain medications, high tech exams and critical tests.
Source: AmericansElect email questionnaire on presidential race , Jan 22, 2012

Treat those who are incapable of caring for themselves

There is no problem, whatsoever, with treating those who are incapable of caring for themselves, but the middle class ($100K+ yearly) can normally find healthcare in one way or another. The existing federally funded state healthcare programs are rife wit fraud and wasteful spending and IF reined in, would create a windfall of reliable funds to help the true needy in many ways.

With the Mealer Economic Initiative in effect, such assistance would not be needed and instead the US would have a surplus.

Source: AmericansElect email questionnaire on presidential race , Sep 27, 2011

Replace ObamaCare with Mealer Economic Initiative

Q: What is your opinion on the statement, "More federal funding for health coverage"?

A: OPPOSE, it is unconstitutional. Besides with the Mealer Economic Initiative in effect, it would not be needed. Mealer Economic Initiative is on my website www.mealer2012.com

Source: AmericansElect email questionnaire on presidential race , Sep 26, 2011

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