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Mitt Romney: The Man, His Values and His Vision
, by Lisa Ray Turner and Kimberly Field

Real Change
, by Speaker Newt Gingrich

The Revolution: A Manifesto
, by Ron Paul, published April 2008

Tim Pawlenty: The Sam's Club Republican
, by J. A. McClure

The Audacity of Hope
by Sen. Barack Obama (D, IL)

Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics
, by Joe Biden

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The America We Deserve
, by Donald Trump

Do the Right Thing
, by Mike Huckabee

, autobiography by Rudolph Giuliani

America by Heart
, by Sarah Palin

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2004 Republican Party Platform: A Safer World and a More Hopeful America

Click here for 64 full quotes from Republican Party in the book 2004 Republican Party Platform.
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   Promote adoption & abstinence, not abortion clinic referrals.
   Human Life Amendment to the Constitution.
Civil Rights
   Affirmative Access, without preferences or set-asides.
   States should not recognize gay marriage from other states.
   Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage.
   The Patriot Act is used to track terrorist activity.
   Homosexuality is incompatible with military service.
   Support the advancement of women in the military.
   Support the death penalty.
   Best way to deter crime is to enforce existing laws.
   Jail time and school drug testing deters drug use.
   Promote school choice and home-schooling.
   Support voluntary student-initiated prayer in school.
Energy & Oil
   No Kyoto, no mandatory carbon emissions controls.
   Private property ownership key to environmental agenda.
   Cap-and-trade market-based air pollution reductions.
Families & Children
   Families are the cornerstone of our culture.
Foreign Policy
   Nations that support terrorism are just as guilty.
   A global coalition has broken al Qaeda cells.
   The Pakistan government working with US to fight terror.
   Saudi Arabia has joined the War on Terror.
   Iraq is now becoming an example of reform.
   Libya's munitions have been destroyed.
   Iraqi government has gained broad international support.
   Pursue a comprehensive strategy against WMD proliferation.
   Applaud the success in mobilizing international cooperation.
   The Broader Middle East Initiative spreads democracy.
   Provide new strategies to help poor nations.
   Objectives of assistance and the strategies must change.
Government Reform
   Stop activist judges from banning Pledge & Ten Commandments.
Gun Control
   Open more public land to hunting.
   No frivolous gun lawsuits, no gun licensing.
Health Care
   Government-run universal health care leads to inefficiencies.
   Ethical research yes; embryo cells no; cloning no.
   ABC for AIDS: Abstinence, Be faithful, Change behavior.
   No assisted suicide.
Homeland Security
   Bush has kept the charge to protect our country.
   Bush has implemented biodefense measures.
   Bush and Congress have been careful to protect liberties.
   Keep our homeland safe by taking action on multiple fronts.
   Keep our homeland safe by taking action on multiple fronts.
   Establish minimum safety requirements at chemical plants.
   Greatly increase the federal bioterrorism budget.
   Recapitalize and enlarge the Coast Guard's fleet.
   Break down the wall between intelligence and law enforcement.
   Support to create a National Intelligence Director position.
   Establish a National Counterterrorism Center.
   Provided Arm Forces better pay, treatment, and training.
   Cover all basic housing costs for average service members.
   Increased funding for VA health care.
   Equip our nation to fight 21st Century adversaries.
   Provide $10 billion to defend from ballistic missiles.
   Only legal immigrants, through tightly controlled borders.
   Amnesty encourages illegal immigration.
   Use biometric data to better track foreign travelers.
Principles & Values
   We saw the spirit of courage and optimism on 9/11.
   Support do-not-call and do-not-email lists.
War & Peace
   Terrorists seek weapons of mass destruction to kill us.
   Shrink the space in which the terrorists can operate.
   Total and complete destruction of terrorism is needed.
   Afghanistan is liberated and the American people are safer.
   Saddam had capability to reconstitute his weapons programs.
Welfare & Poverty
   Faith-based welfare grants equal with secular groups.
   Move more welfare recipients off the welfare rolls.

The above quotations are from 2004 Republican Party Platform: A Safer World and a More Hopeful America.

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