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“New Democrat” really means old liberal social engineer

Any time you see the adjective “new” employed, assume that the label is mere smoke and mirrors, calculated to obscure the fact that there is nothing “new” about what is being described. Rather, it is the same old stuff simply repackaged.

Think about it What was new about the “New Left” of the 1960s? It was simply the old left dressed up in tie-dyed shirts. The “New Age”? It’s nothing more than recycled paganism.

Why, then, did so many believe it when Bill Clinton professed to be a “New Democrat”? Moreover, why did so many believe there was any such thing as a “New Democrat”? As the days pass, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is nothing new about Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party. During the campaign, Clinton co-opted the traditionally conservative issues from George Bush.

But since taking office, Clinton is revealing himself to be extremely liberal. Make no mistake. There’s nothing moderate about Clinton’s programs. The New Democrat is the same old social engineer.

Source: See, I Told You So, p. 38-41 Jul 2, 1993

Constitution only works in a moral society

Don’t believe the conventional wisdom of our day that claims the Founding Fathers were anything but orthodox, Bible-believing Christians. They were. And they were quite adamant in stating that the Constitution-as brilliant a document as it is-would work only in the context of a moral society. “Our Constitution was made for moral and religious people,” stated John Adams. George Washington said, “Of all the dispositions and habits that lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.“ James Madison agreed: ”We have staked the future upon our capacity to sustain ourselves according the Ten Commandments of God.“

The founders knew they were bestowing upon us only an ingenious political system of checks and balances, limited government, and a legacy of human and civil rights. It would be up to future generations to make it all work. But it would only work, they warned, if the society was girded on a bedrock of solid values and Judeo-Christian principles.

Source: See, I Told You So, p. 82-86 Jul 2, 1993

Liberalism poisons the soul and destroys character

A truism I’ve often proclaimed is: “Liberalism poisons the soul.” Originally, it may have sounded harsh to some, trite to others; scintillating to the politically astute. Today, I am convinced it is more on the mark than ever. Here’s what it really means to me: Modern-day liberalism is like a disease or an addiction that literally has the power to destroy the character of the person who falls under its spell.

Liberalism is seductive and insidious. It can take hold of you before you realize it. Do you know why? Because it doesn’t take any guts to become a liberal. All you have to do to be a good liberal is to say yes to everything except cutting spending and downsizing government. Just say yes. Government should do more to end homelessness. It should spend more on education. It should provide day-care. You name it; the omnipotent, central government should do it. All you have to do to prove your compassion is say yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. What could be easier?

Source: See, I Told You So, p. 87-89 Jul 2, 1993

Establishment clause does not preclude school prayer

Source: The Way Things Ought To Be, p. 2-3 Jul 2, 1992

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