Ross Perot on Health Care

1992 & 1996 Reform Party Nominee for President


Our healthcare money is not being spent intelligently

We're the most litigious society in the industrialized world. We've got 5% of the world's population, 2/3 of the world's lawyers, and the average citizen can't afford to hire 1. Think about it. We've got the world's most expensive health-care system but rank 16th place in life expectancy in the world and 23rd place in infant mortality. Something's wrong. Our money is not being spent intelligently, is the point I'm trying to make, and perhaps I made it too well.
Source: The Man Behind the Myth, by Ken Gross, p.230-231 , Sep 20, 2000

NAFTA is backdoor deregulation; lowers FDA standards

Perhaps the greatest dangers from NAFTA are contained in the food hygiene standards. NAFTA’s lax standards undermine existing US health and environmental standards. Rather than adopt the highest possible food hygiene levels, NAFTA adopts standards developed by something called Codex.

The problem with Codex, a United Nations organization, is that they rely heavily upon the expertise of executives from the very industries that are to be regulated.

A comparison of the Codex standards with standards of the FDA reveals the recklessness of US negotiators in adopting those standards. For example, the Codex allows ten times more DDT on carrots than the FDA.

The Codex is a quick and easy way to get around US hygiene standards. [Unethical companies will] use the exceptions provided by the trade agreement to enter the US market with foods that would never meet the US hygiene standards. NAFTA is a back-door deregulation of US health and environmental standards.

Source: Save Your Job, Save Our Country, p. 82-3 , Jan 1, 1993

Expand Medicare to cover all Americans

Source: Strong-Man Politics, by George Grant, p. 88 , Nov 7, 1992

Attack AIDS at every level: more education, more research

We’ve been talking about health-care reform since Truman was President. The need to act has been given a new and terrible urgency by the deadly AIDS epidemic that has already taken such a tragic toll. This plague must be attacked at every level: education, prevention, and accelerated research.
Source: United We Stand, by Ross Perot, p. 87-89 , Jul 2, 1992

Short term: cost containment & focus on prevention

The problem with our health care system is structural. Health care needs to be reformed. The political arena is the last place to expect a rational system to be developed. The political system, after all, is ingeniously constructed to allow different groups to push their own interests in the hope that the compromises that result will benefit the whole nation. That has worked fine in some areas. It hasn’t worked in reforming a public/private relationship as loaded with pitfalls and potential profit as our health-care system.

I suggest that we should adopt both short-term and long-term strategies. In the short term, a cost containment and prevention program should be developed immediately. Various health-care experts and representatives of affected groups should have a series of work sessions with government officials. A plan should be put into effect as quickly as possible. In the longer term, [we should have] comprehensive national health-care reform based on a public-private partnership.

Source: United We Stand, by Ross Perot, p. 89 , Jul 2, 1992

Long term: comprehensive national health policy

It is only a failure of leadership that has kept us from solving this problem. As the problems mount, we begin to give in to the notion that nothing can be done. That’s baloney. Our health care and medical professionals are the best in the world.
Source: United We Stand, by Ross Perot, p. 89-90 , Jul 2, 1992

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