Phil Bredesen on Corporations

Democratic TN Governor


Pay for corporate tax cuts by closing loopholes

Q: Support President Trump's tax cuts?

Marsha Blackburn (R): Yes. "People can keep more of the money they earn throughout their lives."

Phil Bredesen (D): No. "They threw a few crumbs to the middle class to give these huge breaks to wealthier people & corporations."

Q: Address debt and deficit?

Blackburn: Promote "balanced budget; cut bureaucracy," and "across-the-board spending cuts."

Bredesen: "Pay for corporate tax cuts by closing loopholes," rather than adding $1.5 trillion of debt.

Source: 2018 CampusElect.org Issue Guide on Tennessee Senate race , Oct 9, 2018

As mayor, enticed the NFL's Oilers to relocate to Nashville

Twelve years after coming to Tennessee, he ran for Nashville mayor in 1987, losing to then-U.S. Rep. Bill Boner. Bredesen immediately turned around and ran for Boner's congressional seat, only to fail again. Boner didn't seek a second term. This time, Nashville was ready for an outsider, and Bredesen won the 1991 mayoral race.

During his terms, Bredesen pushed economic development, built schools, a new downtown library and successfully enticed the NFL's Oilers to relocate to Nashville, as well as the NHL franchise now known as the Nashville Predators. Along the way, he built an arena, now home of the Predators, and a stadium for the Titans.

While Bredesen was still mayor, panicky state Democrats persuaded him to run to succeed Democratic Gov. Ned McWherter in 1994. He lost to Sundquist. Eight years later in 2002, Bredesen ran again, this time to succeed the term-limited Sundquist.

Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press on 2018 Tennessee Senate race , Apr 7, 2018

Plan for robotic factories of the future

I visited the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg, Germany--the mother ship. That visit was a concrete lesson for me about the factory of the future. I visited one enormous hall where the drive trains and chassis were being joined. There were robots working--but very few people. They called it the "ghost hall", and I believe you could turn off all the lights and it would continue to churn out those Volkswagens just fine.

The lesson here is not that factory work is obsolete; far from it. The Wolfsburg complex employs 54,000 people in good, high paying jobs. But most of them don't position and bolt and weld. They invent, they design, they purchase, they contract, they do the logistics to make sure the machines have parts to work with, and they program those machines and fix them when they break. And yes, some of them still load parts and check results, but you can already see a future in which those jobs get fewer and farther between.

Source: 2009 State of the State address to Tennessee legislature , Feb 9, 2009

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