Bill Keating on Social Security



Bad idea to privatize; or to raise retirement age

It was a bad idea when Pres. Bush tried to privatize Social Security and talked about raising the retirement age, and it is an even worse idea now. Keating will fight to make sure that Americans don't lose the benefits they've worked so hard for and oppose any raise in the retirement age.

The Trust Fund's solvency is forecast until 2037, so any radical reforms such as privatization or raising the retirement age would harm efforts to ensure that citizens receive the benefits they deserve.

Source: 2010 House campaign website, billkeating.org, "Issues" , Nov 2, 2010

Opposes privatizing Social Security.

Keating opposes the PVS survey question on privatization

Project Vote Smart infers candidate issue stances on key topics by summarizing public speeches and public statements. Candidates are given the opportunity to respond in detail; about 16% did so in the 2010 races.

Project Vote Smart summarizes candidate stances on the following topic: 'Business and Employment Issues: Do you support privatizing elements of Social Security?'

Source: Project Vote Smart 10-PVS-q6 on Nov 2, 2010

Sponsored keeping CPI for benefits instead of lower "Chained CPI".

Keating co-sponsored Resolution on CPI

CONCURRENT RESOLUTION expressing the sense of the Congress that the Chained Consumer Price Index (CPI) should not be used to adjust Social Security benefits.